ATOC Station Group Names

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The Fares Data provides a station group names in a style suitable for line printers, however newer ticketing facilities have the capability to use a greater number of characters for the station group.

Although a mapping between the two name formats is not yet officially published, ATOC indicated that it is their intent to publish this data in an existing feed in the future, and provided a snapshot as of 6th June 2018. This snapshot is replicated below.

NLC Name Long Name
0254 COLCHESTER STNS Colchester/Colchester Town
0258 CATFORD STATIONS Catford or Catford Bridge
0259 EDENBRIDGE STNS Edenbridge/Edenbridge Town
0260 FARNBOROUGH STNS Farnborough Main or North
0262 PENGE STATIONS Penge East or West
0263 ENFIELD CHSE/TWN Enfield Chase or Town
0265 W HAMPSTEAD STNS West Hampstead Stations
0268 PONTEFRACT STNS Pontefract Baghill/Monkhll
0271 THORNE STATIONS Thorne North or South
0403 READING STATIONS Reading or Reading West
0404 HELENSBURGH STNS Helensburgh Central/Upper
0410 BEDFORD STATIONS Bedford / Bedford St Johns
0411 SOUTHEND STNS Southend Central/Victoria
0413 HERTFORD STNS Hertford East or North
0415 GAINSBOROUGH Gainsborough Ctrl/Lea Rd
0416 DORKING STATIONS Dorking Stations
0418 BIRMINGHAM STNS Birmingham Stations
0424 BRADFORD YK STNS Bradford (Yorks) Stations
0428 CANTERBURY STNS Canterbury East or West
0429 DORCHESTER STNS Dorchester South or West
0431 FALKIRK STATIONS Falkirk Grahamston or High
0432 FOLKESTONE STNS Folkestone Central or West
0433 GLASGOW CEN/QST Glasgow Central / Queen St
0435 LIVERPOOL STNS Liverpool Stations
0437 MAIDSTONE STNS Maidstone Stations
0438 MANCHESTER STNS Manchester Stations
0440 PORTSMOUTH STNS Portsmouth & S or Harbour
0441 NEWARK STATIONS Newark Castle or Northgate
0443 TYNDRUM STATIONS Tyndrum Lower or Upper
0444 WAKEFIELD STNS Wakefield Westgate/Kirkgte
0445 WARRINGTON STNS Warrington Cntl/Bank Quay
0446 WIGAN STATIONS Wigan North West/Wallgate
0447 WORCESTER STNS Worcester Shrub H/Foregate
0449 CROYDON STATIONS East or West Croydon
1072 LONDON TERMINALS London Terminals
1780 BOOTLE STATIONS Bootle New Strand/Oriel Rd
3081 HEATHROW RAIL Heathrow Rail
5564 HEATHROW BUS Heathrow Bus
7468 TILBURY STATIONS Tilbury Town or Riverside
7934 BICESTER NTH/VIL Bicester North or Village
8384 CAMBRIDGE STNS Cambridge or Cambridge North