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The Rail Delivery Group (formerly known as Association of Train Operating Companies, or simply ATOC) under their National Rail brand provide a number of data feeds for passenger-facing information systems across the railway network. The developers page on the NRE website provides information for the data feeds provided, some of which are free and some of which are chargeable. They also provide a summary of feeds they supply in the Feeds developer pack.

Outages and faults with RDG's open rail data service should be reported to dsg_darwind3.support@caci.co.uk. For more general usage support on national rail (and other open rail data), use the openraildata-talk forum.

Terms and Conditions

Freely available Feeds/APIs

Feed Type Availability
Darwin Webservice (Public) SOAP API Register
Darwin Webservice (Staff) SOAP API Register
Darwin Push Port Pub/Sub stream Register
Historical Service Performance JSON API Register
KnowledgeBase XML Feed Register
DTD Flat file feeds Register

Licensed Feeds

NRE also provide a number of APIs from the Online Journey Planner service. Whilst anyone can request access to these APIs, due to contractual constraints NRE are currently unable to offer them without cost (and an associated license). More information can be found on the NRE site.

Feed Type Availability
RTJP web service SOAP API NRE
Disruptions web service JSON API NRE
(What can I do with) My Ticket web service JSON API NRE

National Rail Enquiries Data Feeds
Data Feeds About the Feeds Darwin Webservice (Public) Darwin Webservice (Staff) Historical Service Performance Push Port KnowledgeBaseDTDLocations (PoC)Real Time Journey Planner
HSP About
Push Port About XML Schemas Schedule Data Association Data Train Status Data Station Messages