About the Network Rail feeds

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What are the feeds?

Five feeds are available:

  • RTPPM - Real Time Public Performance Measure. This shows the performance of trains against the timetable, measured as the percentage of trains arriving at destination on time. Updated every minute.
  • Train Movements - messaging from the TRUST system, containing reports of train movements past timetabled calling and passing points.
  • TD - data from the Train Describer system, showing raw data with train movements in more detail than the Train Movements feed.
  • VSTP - late-notice train schedules which are not available through the Schedule feed.
  • SCHEDULE - extracts of train schedules from ITPS.
  • TSR - Temporary Speed Restrictions

How do I get the data?

First, sign up for an account at http://datafeeds.networkrail.co.uk. Log in and select the feeds you wish to use.

You will need to write a Stomp client, available for many languages.