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ATOC have five sets of data available at

  • The Timetable Feed contains passenger train data in CIF format, updated weekly
  • The London Terminals Feed contains the stations in London which are valid for tickets to 'London Terminals'
  • The Fares Feed contains the majority of the data you will need to calculate point-to-point and add-on fares on the rail network, updated at each fares round
  • The Avantix Traveller application has also been released, which is a Windows application that allows the fares data to be queried offline
  • The Routeing Guide data, albeit in PDF format, has been released - which is used to validate an 'any permitted' ticket's routes

There are data feeds that have not (yet) been released:

  • The Timetable Feed is produced daily, although the Network Rail SCHEDULE feed is more comprehensive and available in the same format
  • The Fares Feed is also produced with daily updates, however these are not publicly available
  • The Routeing Guide is produced in machine-readable format (see the specification)

Informally released data sets:

  • ATOC Station Group Names -- Provides the short and long format of station group names. To be released officially in future.