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<nowiki>*</nowiki> are be truncated in ''Delete'' records.
<nowiki>*</nowiki> are be truncated in ''Delete'' records.
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Record Format

BSRG828851510191510231100100 POO2N75    113575825 DMUE   090      S            O
BX         SRY                                                                  
LOGLGQHL  1703 17033  UEG    TB                                                 
LICWLRSSJ           1706 00000000                                               
LICWLRSWJ           1706H00000000      UEG                                      
LIBSHB    1709 1710      17091710         T                                     
CRLENZIE  OO2N75    123578903 DMUE   090      S                                 
LILENZIE  1714 1714H     17141714         T                                     
LICROY              1720 000000001                      1H                      
LIGNHLUJN           1726 00000000                        H                      
LIGNHLLJN           1727 00000000                                               
LICRMRSWJ           1729 00000000                                               
LICRMRSEJ           1730 00000000                                               
LICAMELON 1731 1732      17311732         T                                     
LTFALKRKG 1734 17341     TF                                                     

Record Fields

Field Format Size Mandatory Comment
Record Identity String 2 Y Value BS.
Transaction Type Char 1 Y The type of transaction
  • N - New
  • D - Delete
  • R - Revise.
Train UID String 6 Y The identifier for the schedule. This is made up of a letter plus five numbers. There may be multiple schedules for one schedule UID. See also the train_uid field of the TRUST Train Activation message type.
Date Runs From Date (YYMMDD) 6 Y The start date of the schedule.
Date Runs To Date (YYMMDD) 6 Y* The end date of the schedule.
Days Run Bit String 7 Y* A seven-bit field; first bit starting from the left represents Monday, and last bit represents Sunday. A 1 means that the service runs on that day, while a 0 means that it does not.
Bank Holiday Running Char 1 Bank holiday running code:
  • X - Does not run on specified Bank Holiday Mondays
  • G - Does not run on Glasgow Bank Holidays.

Note: The sole purpose of this field is to add the BHX symbol to the relevant column in a printed timetable. Actual changes for bank holiday workings for each train schedule are indicated by STP overlays or STP cancellations.

Train Status Char 1 Y* See train status codes.
Train Category String 2 Y* See train category codes.
Train Identity String 4 Y* Signalling ID, also referred to as headcode, not to be confused with below. For passenger services, this is the headcode of the service. For anonymous freight services this will be blank.
Headcode Numeric 4 National Reservation System headcode, designated by train operator, not to be confused with above.
Course Indicator Numeric 1 Y Not used. Value 1.
Train Service Code Numeric 8 Y* Divides trains into service groups . Is used for attribution of revenue.
Portion ID Char 1 Used to denote a Portion ID for services involved in joining / splitting activities (Associations).
Power Type String 3 Y* See power type codes.
Timing Load String 4 See timing load codes.
Speed Numeric 3 Y* Planned speed of the train service in miles per hour.
Operating Characteristics String 6 See operating characteristics codes.
Seating Class Char 1 Seating classes available:
  • Blank or B - First and standard
  • S - Standard class only.
Sleepers Char 1 Sleeping accommodation available:
  • B - First and standard class
  • F - First Class only
  • S - Standard class only.
Reservations Char 1 Reservation recommendations:
  • A - Reservations compulsory
  • E - Reservations for bicycles essential
  • R - Reservations recommended
  • S - Reservations possible from any station.
Connection Indicator Char 1 Not used.
Catering Code String 4 Up to two characters from the following:
  • C - Buffet Service
  • F - Restaurant Car available for First Class passengers
  • H - Hot food available
  • M - Meal included for First Class passengers
  • P - Wheelchair only reservations
  • R - Restaurant
  • T - Trolley service.
Service Branding String 4 Service brand:
  • E - Eurostar.
Spare 1
STP Indicator Char 1 Y STP (short-term planning) schedule indicator:
  • C - STP cancellation of permanent association
  • N - New STP association (not an overlay)
  • O - STP overlay of permanent association
  • P - Permanent association

* are be truncated in Delete records.

CIF HD (Header) • ZZ (End of File)
Association AA (Association)
Location BS (Basic Schedule) BX (Basic Schedule Extended) LO (Location Origin) LI (Location Intermediate) CR (Change-en-Route) LT (Location Terminate)