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| Spare ||  || 57 ||  ||  
[[Category:Schedule Data]]

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Record Format

BX         SRY                                                                  

Record Fields

Field Format Size Mandatory Comment
Record Identity String 2 Y Value BX.
Traction Class String 4 Not used.
UIC Code Numeric 5 A 5-character numeric code for train services running to/from continental Europe.
ATOC Code String 2 Y See TOC codes.
Applicable Timetable Code Char 1 Y
  • Y - Train is subject to performance monitoring (Applicable Timetable Service)
  • N - Train is not subject to performance monitoring (Not Applicable Timetable Service)
Reserved field String 8 RSID. Not populated from ITPS.
Reserved field Char 1 Data source. Not populated from ITPS.
Spare 57

CIF HD (Header) • ZZ (End of File)
Association AA (Association)
Location BS (Basic Schedule) BX (Basic Schedule Extended) LO (Location Origin) LI (Location Intermediate) CR (Change-en-Route) LT (Location Terminate)