Can I take a cycle on this train?

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Can I take a cycle on this train?

We'd like to be able to determine if

  1. Yes, I can take a bicycle on board
  2. No, I can't or
  3. I need to book my bike in advance

This information has recently been collated for the UK at

As part of LOCO2's Off the Rails hackday we began to codify the information in this PDF into a format that can be used to programatically determine which restrictions apply to carrying my bike. The idea is that you only use the information in a train's SCHEDULE record and the information in this Google Fusion Table:

If the service is a Rail Replacement Bus then No, you can't take a bike.


function CanCarryBike()
  SELECT * FROM BikeRules WHERE Operating_Co IS atoc_code

  foreach rule in rules {
    if (joining station or leaving station in rule.Stations
       AND eval(rule.Logic)) {
      return rule.Bike;
  return 'Yes';


Our goal is to enable a route-finder like to have a

 [x] with a bike

checkbox that would avoid routes and times where bikes are not allowed.

Folding bikes

Please note that you can always carry a folded-up folding bike inside a bag on any train in the UK.