Change of Origin

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When a train is due to start from a location other than the first location in the schedule, a change of origin message will be sent.

Trains may start from alternate locations for two reasons:

  • When the previous working is terminated short of its destination and the return working will start from that location
  • When the train starts from, for example, Doncaster North Yard rather than the schedule location of Doncaster South Yard

Data structure


Field Description
msg_type Set to '0006' for an change of origin message
source_dev_id Set to the ID of the device that issued the change of origin message
source_system_id Set to "TRUST" for a change of origin message
original_data_source Set to "TRUST DA" or "SDR" for a change of origin message


Field Description
train_id The 10-character unique identity for this train at TRUST activation time
dep_timestamp The planned departure time at the location where the train is being reinstated
original_loc_stanox If the location has been revised, e.g. the new origin is 'out of plan' for the train, the STANOX of location in the schedule at activation
original_loc_timestamp The planned departure time associated with the original location
current_train_id Always blank
train_service_code Train service code as per schedule
reason_code The reason code for the cancellation, taken from the Delay Attribution Guide
division_code Operating company ID as per TOC Codes
toc_id Operating company ID as per TOC Codes
train_file_address The TOPS train file address, if applicable
coo_timestamp The time at which the Change of Origin is entered into TRUST