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Latest version

Version 12 of the Push Port is currently live using the following XSD versions:

Name Namespace Schema
Data http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/v12 rttiPPTSchema_v12.xsd
Timetable http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/XmlTimetable/v8 rttiCTTSchema_v8.xsd
Reference Data http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/XmlRefData/v3 rttiCTTReferenceSchema_v3.xsd

The latest specification document for the Darwin push port is currently at v16. This specification, along with the XSD files, are available for download at File:PushPort v16 XSDs.tar.gz.

The namespaces are not links to a website - see the Wikipedia article on XML namespaces for more information.

Previous versions

There are no previous versions available.