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EC - Edinburgh SCC IECC "C"

S-Class Mappings

Below are the S-class definitions for the EC TD. Last updated January 2018.

Address Identity
EC00:1 RC753-1M
EC00:2 RC758-1M
EC00:3 RC760-1M
EC00:4 RC762-1M
EC00:5 RC941-1S
EC00:6 RC941-2S
EC00:7 RU457-1M
EC00:8 RU465-1M
EC01:1 RU467-1M
EC01:2 RU474-1M
EC01:3 RU481-1M
EC01:4 RU482-1M
EC01:5 RU483-1M
EC01:6 RU486-1M
EC01:7 RO703-1M
EC01:8 RO705-1M
EC02:1 RO706-1M
EC02:2 RO708-1M
EC02:3 RO711-1M
EC02:4 RO711-2M
EC02:5 RO712-1M
EC02:6 RO713-1M
EC02:7 RO713-2S
EC02:8 RO714-1M
EC03:1 RO714-2M
EC03:2 RO716-1M
EC03:3 RO717-1M
EC03:4 RO717-2M
EC03:5 RO717-3M
EC03:6 RO717-5C
EC03:7 RO717-6C
EC03:8 RO724-1M
EC04:1 RO726-1M
EC04:2 RO729-1M
EC04:3 RO731-1M
EC04:4 RO733-1M
EC04:5 RO734-1M
EC04:6 RO734-2M
EC04:7 RO734-3W
EC04:8 RO734-4C
EC05:1 RO903-2S
EC05:2 RO903-3S
EC05:3 RO903-4S
EC05:4 RO903-5S
EC05:5 RO903-6S
EC05:6 RO907-2S
EC05:7 RO907-3S
EC05:8 RO912-1S
EC06:1 RO914-1S
EC06:2 RO914-2S
EC06:3 RO916-1S
EC06:4 RO916-2S
EC06:5 RO923-1S
EC06:6 RO925-1S
EC06:7 RO934-1S
EC06:8 RO934-2S
EC07:1 RO934-3S
EC07:2 RO934-4S
EC07:3 RO934-5S
EC07:4 RY651-1M
EC07:5 RY651-2M
EC07:6 RY651-3M
EC07:7 RY651-4M
EC07:8 RY652-1M
EC08:1 RY653-1M
EC08:2 RY653-2M
EC08:3 RY653-3M
EC08:4 RY653-4M
EC08:5 RY654-1M
EC08:6 RY654-2M
EC08:7 RY655-1S
EC08:8 RY656-1M
EC09:1 RY656-2M
EC09:2 RY657-1M
EC09:3 RY661-1M
EC09:4 RY663-1M
EC09:5 RY664-1M
EC09:6 RY664-2M
EC09:7 RY677-1M
EC09:8 RY666-1M
EC0A:1 RY666-2M
EC0A:2 R679-1M
EC0A:3 R680-1M
EC0A:4 R680-2M
EC0A:5 R682-1M
EC0A:6 R682-2W
EC0A:7 RY953-1S
EC0A:8 RY953-2S
EC0B:1 RY953-3S
EC0B:2 RY953-4S
EC0B:3 RY955-1S
EC0B:4 RY955-2S
EC0B:5 RY957-1S
EC0B:6 RY958-1S
EC0B:7 RY958-2S
EC0B:8 RV407-1S
EC0C:1 RV409-1M
EC0C:2 RV411-1M
EC0C:3 RV412-1M
EC0C:4 RV412-2M
EC0C:5 RV413-1M
EC0C:6 RV413-2M
EC0C:7 RV413-3S
EC0C:8 RV413-4S
EC0D:1 RV415-1M
EC0D:2 RV415-2M
EC0D:3 RV415-3S
EC0D:4 RV415-4S
EC0D:5 RV415-5S
EC0D:6 RV416-1M
EC0D:7 RV417-1M
EC0D:8 RV421-1M
EC0E:1 RV422-1M
EC0E:2 RV422-2W
EC0E:3 RV422-3M
EC0E:4 RV422-4S
EC0E:5 RV422-5S
EC0E:6 RV425-1M
EC0E:7 RV426-1M
EC0E:8 RV428-1M
EC0F:1 RV428-2M
EC0F:2 RV428-3M
EC0F:3 RV428-4W
EC0F:4 RV432-1M
EC0F:5 RV802-1S
EC0F:6 RV802-2S
EC0F:7 RV803-1S
EC0F:8 RV803-2S
EC10:1 RV804-1S
EC10:2 RV804-2S
EC10:3 RV806-1S
EC10:4 RV806-2S
EC10:5 RV806-3S
EC10:6 RV808-1S
EC10:7 RV808-2S
EC10:8 RV808-3S
EC11:1 RV811-1S
EC11:2 RV813-1S
EC11:3 RV815-1S
EC11:4 RV815-2S
EC11:5 RV816-1S
EC11:6 RV818-1S
EC11:7 RV818-2S
EC11:8 RV818-3S
EC12:1 RV818-4S
EC12:2 RV818-5S
EC12:3 RV820-1S
EC12:4 RV821-1S
EC12:5 RV822-1S
EC12:6 RV822-2S
EC12:7 SEC753
EC12:8 SEC758
EC13:1 SEC760
EC13:2 SEC762
EC13:3 SEC941
EC13:4 SEU457
EC13:5 SEU465
EC13:6 SEU467
EC13:7 SEU474
EC13:8 SEU481
EC14:1 SEU482
EC14:2 SEU483
EC14:3 SEU486
EC14:4 SEO703
EC14:5 SEO705
EC14:6 SEO706
EC14:7 SEO708
EC14:8 SEO711
EC15:1 SEO712
EC15:2 SEO713
EC15:3 SEO714
EC15:4 SEO716
EC15:5 SEO717
EC15:7 SEO724
EC15:8 SEO726
EC16:1 SEO729
EC16:2 SEO731
EC16:3 SEO733
EC16:4 SEO734
EC16:5 SEO903
EC16:6 SEO907
EC16:7 SEO912
EC16:8 SEO914
EC17:1 SEO916
EC17:2 SEO923
EC17:3 SEO925
EC17:4 SEO934
EC17:5 SEY651
EC17:6 SEY652
EC17:7 SEY653
EC17:8 SEY654
EC18:1 SEY655
EC18:2 SEY656
EC18:3 SEY657
EC18:4 SEY661
EC18:5 SEY663
EC18:6 SEY664
EC18:7 SEY677
EC18:8 SEY666
EC19:1 SEY679
EC19:2 SEY680
EC19:3 SEY682
EC19:4 SEY953
EC19:5 SEY955
EC19:6 SEY957
EC19:7 SEY958
EC19:8 SEV407
EC1A:1 SEV409
EC1A:2 SEV411
EC1A:3 SEV412
EC1A:4 SEV413
EC1A:5 SEV415
EC1A:6 SEV416
EC1A:7 SEV417
EC1A:8 SEV421
EC1B:1 SEV422
EC1B:2 SEV425
EC1B:3 SEV426
EC1B:4 SEV428
EC1B:5 SEV432
EC1B:6 SEV802
EC1B:7 SEV803
EC1B:8 SEV804
EC1C:1 SEV806
EC1C:2 SEV808
EC1C:3 SEV811
EC1C:4 SEV813
EC1C:5 SEV815
EC1C:6 SEV816
EC1C:7 SEV818
EC1C:8 SEV820
EC1D:1 SEV821
EC1D:2 SEV822
EC1D:3 T32
EC1D:4 T35
EC1D:5 T37
EC1D:6 T38
EC1D:7 T43
EC1D:8 T45
EC1E:1 T47
EC1E:2 T49
EC1E:3 T51
EC1E:4 T52
EC1E:5 T78
EC1E:6 T781
EC1E:7 T83
EC1E:8 T501/3
EC1F:1 T534
EC1F:2 T537
EC1F:3 T542
EC1F:4 T55
EC1F:6 T562
EC1F:7 T565
EC1F:8 T567
EC20:1 T572
EC20:2 T573
EC20:3 T574
EC20:4 T575
EC20:5 T576
EC20:6 T579
EC20:7 T581
EC20:8 T591
EC21:1 T594
EC21:2 T596
EC21:3 T604
EC21:4 T609
EC21:5 T614
EC21:6 T618
EC21:8 T65
EC22:1 T705
EC22:2 T711
EC22:3 T77
EC22:4 T776
EC22:5 T778
EC22:6 T787
EC22:7 T769
EC23:1 R2023
EC23:2 R2025-BM
EC23:3 R2026
EC23:4 R2028-AM
EC23:5 R2030-AM
EC23:6 R2031-CM
EC23:7 R2034
EC23:8 R2036
EC24:1 R2038
EC24:2 R2040-AM
EC24:3 R2040-BM
EC24:4 R2042-AM
EC24:5 R2048
EC24:6 R2025-AS
EC24:7 R2028-BS
EC24:8 R2030-BS
EC25:1 R2031-AS
EC25:4 R2040-CS
EC25:5 R2042-BS
EC25:6 R5005-A
EC25:7 R5005-B
EC25:8 R5007-A
EC26:1 R5007-B
EC26:2 R5011
EC26:3 R5012-A
EC26:4 R5012-B
EC26:5 R5016
EC26:6 R5017
EC26:7 RN573-1M
EC26:8 RN573-2M
EC27:1 RN573-3M
EC27:2 RN574-1M
EC27:3 RN582-1M
EC27:4 RN584-1M
EC27:5 RN585-1M
EC27:6 RN587-1M
EC27:7 RN588-1M
EC28:1 RN943-1S
EC28:2 RN943-2S
EC28:3 RN944-1S
EC28:4 RN946-1S
EC28:5 RN946-2S
EC28:6 RL617-1M
EC28:7 RL618-1M
EC28:8 RL622-1M
EC29:1 RL624-1M
EC29:2 RL624-2M
EC29:3 RL951-1S
EC29:4 RL954-1S
EC29:5 RL954-2S
EC29:6 RL959-1S
EC29:7 RW597-1M
EC29:8 RW604-1M
EC2A:1 RW606-1M
EC2A:2 RW606-2M
EC2A:3 RW947-1S
EC2A:4 RW948-1S
EC2A:5 RW948-2S
EC2A:6 SEN2019
EC2A:7 SEN2020
EC2A:8 SEN2023
EC2B:1 SEN2024
EC2B:2 SEN2025
EC2B:3 SEN2026
EC2B:4 SEN2028
EC2B:5 SEN2030
EC2B:6 SEN2031
EC2B:7 SEN2034
EC2B:8 SEN2036
EC2C:1 SEN2038
EC2C:2 SEN2039
EC2C:3 SEN2040
EC2C:4 SEN2042
EC2C:5 SEN2048
EC2C:6 SEN5005
EC2C:7 SEN5007
EC2C:8 SEN5011
EC2D:1 SEN5012
EC2D:2 SEN5016
EC2D:3 SEN5017
EC2D:4 SEN2005
EC2D:5 SEN2006
EC2D:6 SEN2008
EC2D:7 SEN2011
EC2D:8 SEN2012
EC2E:1 SEN2015
EC2E:2 SEN2016
EC2E:3 SEN2017
EC2E:4 SEN573
EC2E:5 SEN574
EC2E:6 SEN582
EC2E:7 SEN584
EC2E:8 SEN585
EC2F:1 SEN587
EC2F:2 SEN588
EC2F:3 SEN943
EC2F:4 SEN944
EC2F:5 SEN946
EC2F:6 SEL617
EC2F:7 SEL618
EC2F:8 SEL622
EC30:1 SEL624
EC30:2 SEL951
EC30:3 SEL954
EC30:4 SEL959
EC30:5 SEW597
EC30:6 SEW604
EC30:7 SEW606
EC30:8 SEW947
EC31:1 SEW948
EC31:4 T742
EC31:5 T738
EC31:6 T717
EC31:7 T702
EC31:8 T687
EC32:1 T683
EC32:2 T681
EC32:3 T658
EC32:4 T653
EC32:5 T1574
EC32:6 T1571
EC32:7 T1565
EC32:8 T1559
EC33:1 T1553
EC33:2 T1549
EC33:3 T1547
EC33:4 T1543
EC33:5 T1541
EC33:6 T1539
EC33:7 T1535
EC33:8 T1531
EC34:1 T1528
EC34:2 L2038TRS
EC34:3 L2039TRS
EC34:4 L2040TRS
EC34:5 L2042TRS
EC34:7 R2031-BM
EC34:8 R2039-AM
EC35:1 R2039-AC
EC35:2 R2039-BM
EC35:3 R2039-BC
EC35:4 R2045
EC35:5 R2047
EC35:6 R2050
EC35:7 R2067
EC35:8 R2068
EC36:1 R5025
EC36:2 R5026
EC36:3 SEN2045
EC36:4 SEN2047
EC36:5 SEN2049
EC36:6 SEN2050
EC36:7 SEN2051
EC36:8 SEN2052
EC37:1 SEN2053
EC37:2 SEN2054
EC37:3 SEN2055
EC37:4 SEN2056
EC37:5 SEN2057
EC37:6 SEN2058
EC37:7 SEN2059
EC37:8 SEN2061
EC38:1 SEN2062
EC38:2 SEN2063
EC38:3 SEN2064
EC38:4 SEN2066
EC38:5 SEN2067
EC38:6 SEN2068
EC38:7 SEN2069
EC38:8 SEN2070
EC39:1 SEN5025
EC39:2 SEN5026
EC3A:2 T1570
EC3A:4 T1572
EC3A:5 T1598
EC3A:6 T1603
EC3B:1 RPB525-1M
EC3B:2 RPB527-1M
EC3B:3 RPB543-1M
EC3B:4 RPB543-2M
EC3B:5 RPJ494-1M
EC3B:6 RPJ494-2M
EC3B:7 RPJ496-1M
EC3B:8 RPJ498-1M
EC3C:1 RPJ504-1M
EC3C:2 RPJ504-2M
EC3C:3 RPJ506-1M
EC3C:4 RPJ508-1M
EC3C:5 RPJ512-1S
EC3C:6 RPJ513-1M
EC3C:7 RPJ513-2M
EC3C:8 RPJ515-1M
EC3D:1 RPJ515-2M
EC3D:2 RPJ517-1M
EC3E:3 SPB525
EC3E:4 SPB527
EC3E:6 SPB543
EC3E:8 SPJ494
EC3F:1 SPJ496
EC3F:2 SPJ498
EC3F:5 SPJ504
EC40:1 SPJ506
EC40:2 SPJ508
EC40:3 SPJ512
EC40:4 SPJ513
EC40:5 SPJ515
EC40:7 SPJ517
EC41:1 TC584
EC41:2 T602
EC41:3 TP607
EC41:4 T617
EC41:5 T632
EC41:6 T586
EC41:7 TP658
EC41:8 TP656
EC42:1 LG276RELN
EC42:2 R1101
EC42:3 L1101RELN
EC42:4 L1101TFC
EC42:5 R1102
EC42:6 L1102RELN
EC42:7 L1102TFC
EC43:1 SEY669
EC43:2 SEY673
EC43:3 SEY674
EC43:4 SEY678
EC43:5 R669-1M
EC43:6 R673-1M
EC43:7 R674-1M
EC43:8 R678-1M

Note - This list uses IECC-style numbering, i.e. bit 1 for the LSB to bit 8 for the MSB of each byte.

EC - Edinburgh SCC IECC "C" (Scalable)

S-Class Mappings

This information is for a future signalling scheme, expected to be commissioned in October 2023. This information is likely to change before this date.

Below are the S-class definitions for the EC TD. Last updated February 2023.

Address Identity
EC00:1 R2023
EC00:2 R2025-AS
EC00:3 R2025-BM
EC00:4 R2026
EC00:5 R2028-AM
EC00:6 R2028-BS
EC00:7 R2030-AM
EC00:8 R2030-BS
EC01:1 R2031-AS
EC01:2 R2031-BM
EC01:3 R2031-CM
EC01:4 R2034
EC01:5 R2036
EC01:6 R2038
EC01:7 R2039-AC
EC01:8 R2039-AM
EC02:1 R2039-BC
EC02:2 R2039-BM
EC02:3 R2040-AM
EC02:4 R2040-BM
EC02:5 R2040-CS
EC02:6 R2042-AM
EC02:7 R2042-BS
EC02:8 R2045
EC03:1 R2047
EC03:2 R2048
EC03:3 R2050
EC03:4 R2067
EC03:5 R2068
EC03:6 R5005-A
EC03:7 R5005-B
EC03:8 R5007-A
EC04:1 R5007-B
EC04:2 R5011
EC04:3 R5012-A
EC04:4 R5012-B
EC04:5 R5016
EC04:6 R5017
EC04:7 R5025
EC04:8 R5026
EC05:1 RL617-1M
EC05:2 RL618-1M
EC05:3 RL622-1M
EC05:4 RL624-1M
EC05:5 RL624-2M
EC05:6 RL951-1S
EC05:7 RL954-1S
EC05:8 RL954-2S
EC06:1 RL959-1S
EC06:2 RN573-1M
EC06:3 RN573-2M
EC06:4 RN573-3M
EC06:5 RN574-1M
EC06:6 RN582-1M
EC06:7 RN584-1M
EC06:8 RN585-1M
EC07:1 RN587-1M
EC07:2 RN588-1M
EC07:3 RN943-1S
EC07:4 RN943-2S
EC07:5 RN944-1S
EC07:6 RN946-1S
EC07:7 RN946-2S
EC07:8 RPB525-1M
EC08:1 RPB527-1M
EC08:2 RPB543-1M
EC08:3 RPB543-2M
EC08:4 RPJ494-1M
EC08:5 RPJ494-2M
EC08:6 RPJ496-1M
EC08:7 RPJ498-1M
EC08:8 RPJ504-1M
EC09:1 RPJ504-2M
EC09:2 RPJ506-1M
EC09:3 RPJ508-1M
EC09:4 RPJ512-1S
EC09:5 RPJ513-1M
EC09:6 RPJ513-2M
EC09:7 RPJ515-1M
EC09:8 RPJ515-2M
EC0A:1 RPJ517-1M
EC0A:2 RW597-1M
EC0A:3 RW604-1M
EC0A:4 RW606-1M
EC0A:5 RW606-2M
EC0A:6 RW947-1S
EC0A:7 RW948-1S
EC0A:8 RW948-2S
EC0C:1 SL617
EC0C:2 SL618
EC0C:3 SL622
EC0C:4 SL623
EC0C:5 SL624
EC0C:6 SL951
EC0C:7 SL954
EC0C:8 SL959
EC0D:1 SN567
EC0D:2 SN572
EC0D:3 SN573
EC0D:4 SN574
EC0D:5 SN575
EC0D:6 SN576
EC0D:7 SN582
EC0D:8 SN584
EC0E:1 SN585
EC0E:2 SN587
EC0E:3 SN588
EC0E:4 SN589
EC0E:5 SN592
EC0E:6 SN943
EC0E:7 SN944
EC0E:8 SN946
EC0F:1 SN2005
EC0F:2 SN2006
EC0F:3 SN2011
EC0F:4 SN2012
EC0F:5 SN2015
EC0F:6 SN2016
EC0F:7 SN2017
EC0F:8 SN2019
EC10:1 SN2020
EC10:2 SN2023
EC10:3 SN2024
EC10:4 SN2025
EC10:5 SN2026
EC10:6 SN2028
EC10:7 SN2030
EC10:8 SN2031
EC11:1 SN2034
EC11:2 SN2036
EC11:3 SN2038
EC11:4 SN2039
EC11:5 SN2040
EC11:6 SN2042
EC11:7 SN2045
EC11:8 SN2047
EC12:1 SN2048
EC12:2 SN2049
EC12:3 SN2050
EC12:4 SN2051
EC12:5 SN2052
EC12:6 SN2053
EC12:7 SN2054
EC12:8 SN2055
EC13:1 SN2056
EC13:2 SN2057
EC13:3 SN2058
EC13:4 SN2059
EC13:5 SN2061
EC13:6 SN2062
EC13:7 SN2063
EC13:8 SN2064
EC14:1 SN2066
EC14:2 SN2067
EC14:3 SN2068
EC14:4 SN2069
EC14:5 SN2070
EC14:6 SN5005
EC14:7 SN5007
EC14:8 SN5011
EC15:1 SN5012
EC15:2 SN5016
EC15:3 SN5017
EC15:4 SN5025
EC15:5 SN5026
EC15:6 SW595
EC15:7 SW596
EC15:8 SW597
EC16:1 SW604
EC16:2 SW606
EC16:3 SW607
EC16:4 SW947
EC16:5 SW948
EC16:6 SPB519
EC16:7 SPB522
EC16:8 SPB525
EC17:1 SPB527
EC17:2 SPB542
EC17:3 SPB543
EC17:4 SPB545
EC17:5 SPJ494
EC17:6 SPJ496
EC17:7 SPJ498
EC17:8 SPJ500
EC18:1 SPJ501
EC18:2 SPJ504
EC18:3 SPJ505
EC18:4 SPJ506
EC18:5 SPJ508
EC18:6 SPJ512
EC18:7 SPJ513
EC18:8 SPJ515
EC19:1 SPJ516
EC19:2 SPJ517
EC1A:1 T586
EC1A:2 T602
EC1A:3 T617
EC1A:4 T632
EC1A:5 T653
EC1A:6 T658
EC1A:7 T681
EC1A:8 T683
EC1B:1 T687
EC1B:2 T702
EC1B:3 T711
EC1B:4 T717
EC1B:5 T738
EC1B:6 T742
EC1B:7 T745
EC1B:8 T1528
EC1C:1 T1531
EC1C:2 T1535
EC1C:3 T1539
EC1C:4 T1547
EC1C:5 T1553
EC1C:6 T1559
EC1C:7 T1565
EC1C:8 T1570
EC1D:1 T1571
EC1D:2 T1572
EC1D:3 T1598
EC1D:4 T1603
EC1D:5 T1606
EC1D:6 TC584
EC1D:7 TP658
EC1D:8 TP656
EC1F:1 L2038TRS
EC1F:2 L2039TRS
EC1F:3 L2040TRS
EC1F:4 L2042TRS

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