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I get a 'User not subscribed' error when trying to download from the SCHEDULE feed

The format of the correct URL to use is documented on the SCHEDULE page. A previous version of the developer pack referenced an incorrect URL.

I have an issue accessing the real-time datafeeds

Make sure you are following all of the good practice advice.

I have registered and keep getting a "bad credentials" error

Check that you have registered at https://datafeeds.networkrail.co.uk correctly. Your password for this wiki cannot be used to access the Network Rail Data Feeds.

There are messages missing from the feed

Make sure you're using a durable subscription and acknowledging all the messages you receive. You can have around 100 messages pending before the server will stop sending data to you.

Check the 'time' field in the messages body (not the header) is within a few seconds of the current time. This field is populated by Network Rail's systems and should be within 10 seconds of the current time. If it isn't, contact support.

I see odd data/descriptions in my TD feed

A berth may contain any valid 4 chars, not just what appears to be a train ID. Train descriptions are normally in the format NANN:

  • 1B01 - Normal Class 1 passenger service
  • 2T01 - Normal Class 2 passenger service
  • 5V61 - Normal ECS Service
  • 3H52 - Express ECS Service
  • 0Z01 - Light Loco
  • 6B92 - Class 6 freight service

Freight and engineering trains will be in the format NNNA, consistent across the TRUST and TD feeds:

  • 431L - Class 4 obfuscated ID
  • 651A - Class 6 obfuscated ID
  • 011X - Class 0 obfuscated ID

Not all non-passenger services are obfuscated, and there are some known bugs where an obfuscated FOC service will cause TD data for a valid passenger service to become obfuscated.

You may also see some of the following things in berths:

  • *T3* - T3 Possession
  • DETS - Detonators
  • STBY - Standby (Unit)
  • STBL - Stabled (Unit)
  • --33 - Reference to an item number in that weeks WON
  • 147- - Reference to an item number in that weeks WON
  • IT64 - Reference to an item number in that weeks WON
  • BLOK - Blocked
  • NOGO - No Go
  • FRED - Name of PICOP or similar
  • **** - Non described
  • -REG - Regulate
  • TBA- - To be advised
  • SHNT - Shunt
  • 4CAR - 4 Cars
  • 12CR - 12 Cars
  • RHTT - Rail Head Treatment Train
  • TAMP - Tamper
  • FAIL - Failed unit
  • DUFF - Failed unit
  • WEED - Weed Killing Train

I can't connect to any feed, or the web portal

If you suddenly find that you are unable to connect to any feed, as well as the web portal then your IP address may be blocked by the NROD firewall. This appears to automatically block an IP address for 15 minutes if it detects conditions such as:

  • Duplicate durable subscription name
  • Too many authentication attempts

You can check this by trying to connect to the web portal from a different IP address, if you can connect then its likely you have been banned from your original IP. If you have been banned, disconnect all your clients and wait at least 15 min before trying to re-connect again, and hopefully once you have figured out what caused you to get banned in the first place!

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