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* [http://deaves47.zxq.net/CRS/CRS0.htm Phil Deaves, fairly up to date list]
* [http://deaves47.zxq.net/CRS/CRS0.htm Phil Deaves, fairly up to date list]
* A MySQL Database Dump of a extract of the data lifted from Phils Site is available @[http://twitter.com/BarryCarlyon BarryCarlyon]on Twitter.
* A Searchable List and MySQL Database Dump [http://trains.barrycarlyon.co.uk/data/locations/ Trains.BarryCarlyon.co.uk]

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Identifying Stations

Stations/locations are identified by a few different items of data.

  • CRS - Computer reservation system, also referred to as national reservation system NRS codes
    • The handy 3 Character Code
  • NLC - National Location Codes
  • TIPLOC - Timing Point Locations
  • STANOX - Station Numbers


Leeds LDS 848700 LEEDS 17132
Kings Cross KGX 612100 KNGX 54311
Lincoln Central LCN 634000 LINCLNC 44038
Glasgow Central High Level GLC 981300 GLGC 07257
Gatwick Airport GTW 541600 GTWK 87911

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