List of Train Describers

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The following list of TD areas was last updated on 31st July 2012. A more up-to-date list is available at

ID Name
AD Ashford IECC
AL Alnmouth
AN Allinton Junction
AS Aston
BA Barnsley
BE Basingstoke
BL Bristol
BM Barnham
BN Birmingham New Street
BS Barnes
BX Basingstoke (WoE)
C1 SWCC Newport ITD
CA Cambridge
CC Colchester
CD Castleford
CE Crewe PSB
CF Cardiff
CH Chichester
CL Carlisle
CM Carmuirs East
CO Cowlairs
CS Chester
CT Channel Tunnel
CX Cathcart
CY WMCC Coventry
D1 TVSC Reading IECC A
D2 TVSC Reading IECC B
D3 TVSC Paddington IECC
DR Doncaster
DY Derby
E1 Edgeley No 1
EA Edinburgh IECC A
EB Edinburgh IECC B
EC Edinburgh IECC C
EH Eastleigh
EK East Kent (Gillingham)
EX Exeter
FE Ferrybridge
FH Feltham
G2 WSSC Paisley
GC WSSC Glasgow
GD Guildford
GL Gloucester ITD
HM Healey Mills
HN Heaton Norris
HT Havant
HU Huddersfield
KX Kings Cross
LA Lancing
LB London Bridge
LC WMCC Leamington Corridoor
LE Leamington Spa
LN Lincoln
LR EMCC Leicester
LS Liverpool Street
MA Maidstone East
MD EMCC Mansfield
ME Marylebone IECC
MH Machynlleth
MJ Madeley Junction
ML Motherwell
MO Morpeth
MP Manchester Piccadilly
MS Manchester South
MZ Manchester East
NE EMCC Erewash
NK North Kent
NT Newport ITD
NX New Cross Gate
OX Oxford
PB Peterborough
PH Plymouth
PT Port Talbot
PX Preston
R1 Rugby SCC (Watford - Bletchley ITD)
R2 Rugby SCC (Northampton - Rugby ITD)
RA Radyr
RT Ridgmont
RW Rochdale West
SA Saltley
SB Swindon B IECC
SC Scunthorpe
SE Shenfield IECC
SH Slough A
SI Stratford IECC
SJ Stourbridge Junction
SK Stoke On Trent
SM Stirling Middle
SN Swindon A ITD
SO South Tottenham
SS Merseyrail IECC
SU Surbiton
T1 Tyneside 1 IECC
T2 Tyneside 2 IECC
TB Three Bridges
TD WMCC Telford
TE Tonbridge
TN EMCC Chesterfield
TT Trent
TW Tweedmouth
TY Tees Yard (Ryhope)
U2 Upminster 2 IECC
U3 Upminster 3 IECC
UR Upminster A IECC
VC London Victoria
VT Thameslink South
WA Warrington PSB
WD Winsford
WE Worksop
WG West Anglia IECC
WH West Hampstead PSB
WI Wimbledon NCP
WJ Watford Junction
WK Wakefield Kirkgate
WL Walsall
WN WMCC Water Orton
WO Wolverhampton PSB
WS Willesden Suburban
WT Thameslink North
WW Wesbury
WY Wembley
XB Macclesfield
XE Warrington Central
XH Stafford No 4
XJ Stafford No 5
XL Hunts Cross
XN Hooton
XP Manchester North
XZ Liverpool Lime Street
Y2 York IECC 2
Y3 York IECC 3
ZA Ashford TDC
ZB Bournemouth TDC
ZE Eastbourne TDC
ZG Guildford TDC
ZH Horsham TDC
ZR Rainham TDC
ZY Yeovil TDC
AW Acton Wells