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The RDG Locations Proof of Concept (PoC) API brings together mutiple sources of locations data from various RDG and NR services into a single service. It allows consumers to search for codes associated to a location description or to request data asscoiated to an NLC, CRS, TIPLOC or STANOX code.

This is a Proof of Concept - it is intended to evaluate the potential usefulness of such an API and should not be incorporated into any services as it may be withdrawn, or unavailable, at any time


The Locations PoC has two functions:

  • A search by location name/description, to return codes associated to locations
  • A lookp by NLC, CRS, TIPLOC or STANOX to returned data associated to the specified code


The API is REST JSON and is available from the following endpoints:


As this is a proof of concept a single access token has been created for use by the open community. This ti

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