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16 February 2019


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Welcome to the Open Rail Data Wiki, which has information on the Open Data available from the rail industry in Great Britain.

  • If you're developing an application using real-time data, the TRUST vs Darwin article will help you decide which feed to use.
  • If you're looking for help with using Open Rail Data, the Open Rail Data Talk mailing list is an excellent place to seek advice
  • The FAQ contains answers to a number of common questions, including a comparison of the different types of data available
  • Our Github organisation is a central place to put code examples and anything that you think will help other users - contact poggs if you want to join
  • If you want to suggest a set of data that the industry should open up, fill out the form here. Check that the data isn't already on the wish-list before submitting!

If you're planning a hackathon, hack-day or an event using the rail industry's Open Data, Peter Hicks, who curates the wiki and mailing list, will be happy to talk and possibly come along and talk about the data.

Network Rail National Rail Enquiries
About the Network Rail feeds About the National Rail Enquiries feeds

There's also a catalogue of data released by the industry, some of which is not strictly Open Data, but is not restrictively licensed.