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You've come to the right place if you're looking for information on Open Data available from the UK's rail industry.

Data already open

Network Rail

  • Real-time running data. This platform provides real-time train movement information from Network Rail's internal systems. You will need a reasonable level of technical skill to interpret the data.
  • Sectional Appendicies, containing detailed information of lines, routes, junctions and permitted speeds.
  • Working Timetables - schedules for passenger, empty passenger, freight and infrastructure trains.
  • Rules of the Route/Rules of the Plan, Data relating to planned engineering blockades and constraints on timetable planning.

Railway Safety and Standards Board

  • RGS Online, providing access to current and withdrawn Railway Group Standards (the 'Rule Book'), Rail Industry Approved Codes of Practice (RACOPs), guidance notes and and Rail Industry Standards.

Office of Rail Regulation

  • National Rail Trends, including Signals Passed at Danger (SPADs), volume of freight movement, historical Public Performance Measure data, passenger train revenue and temporary speed restrictions.


Transport for London

  • TfL Developer Area, where you can sign up for access to numerous feeds, including live traffic camera images, real-time bus arrivals, Tube departure boards, station locations, a journey planner and tube disruption data.

Community-written documentation

There is a growing set of documentation on the Network Rail Open Data platform, in more detail than in the developer's guide.