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The Darwin Web Service (Staff) is a SOAP API which allows access to more detailed information about arrivals and departures from a station. The additional data available includes train reporting numbers (colloquially called 'headcodes'), schedule UIDs and Retail Service IDs (RSID), plus passing points for trains.

This is the same data that is presented on the Darwin Web Service (Public), but in greater detail.

Having problems with the API? Check out the troubleshooting notes.


Documentation for the LDB-SV can be found here. A previous edition as a PDF document from May 2016 can be found here: LDB-SV User Guide. Further guidance and advice can be found here LDBSVWS - Guidance Note v1. Whilst last updated in 2014, much of the information is still current and correct. An updated version will be added to this site in due course.

The API uses SOAP, which is not necessarily a developer's first choice. Check out the cross-platform Huxley 2 API proxy, which can be used to put a lightweight JSON endpoint in front of the API.

Example code to consume the service is available for the following languages:


The OpenLDB (Staff) provides SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 endpoints which supports the following operations;

Arrivals at a location

Departures from a location

Individual services

Historic data

Reference data

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