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The existing Network Rail Open Data platform ( is being refreshed and updated. Improvements include increased stability and the removal of obfuscation in various feeds. For some limited time, the new platform is made available side by side to the old platform, so that users can try the updated platform, and at a later date (2nd March 2023) the existing domain ( will be re-routed to use the new version of the platform. User credentials (email and password) from the existing platform can be used to access the new platform.

Old platform:

New version:


NTROD Portal – Subscribing to individual feeds

In the old system, the authenticated user has to subscribe to individual available feeds before connecting to the feeds, as per the screenshot below:

Old NROD Portal

In the new Portal user interface, there is no need anymore to separately subscribe to feeds individually. Instead, all feeds are available automatically. Instead, users can right away connect to real-time feeds, using STOMP or OpenWire protocols.

Difference in Real time and static feed output JSON

In the new system, any fields with empty string values or null values are filtered out from the output JSON of the feeds. For example, following image shows the difference between output message from old system and new system:

JSON Differences


Obfuscation which has been present in the old system in various real-time and other static feeds has been removed in the new system.


We are aware of some users using .NET and the Apache NMS STOMP library having issues with connecting to It may be advisable to use the OpenWire protocol instead, or use another STOMP client library. The sample code has been updated to use OpenWire.