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|[http://railcam.uk/site Railcam.uk]
|[https://railcam.uk/ Railcam.uk]
|Trackside cameras, live signalling diagrams and live rail data.
|Trackside cameras, live signalling diagrams and live rail data.

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Existing projects

There are a number of people working on projects using rail data. Please add yourself to this list if you are too!

Who Email Project Details
Peter Hicks peter.hicks@opentraintimes.com OpenTrainTimes First user of Network Rail data. Timetables and real-time signalling maps
Tom Cairns tom@swlines.co.uk Realtime Trains Historical, real-time and future train schedules using TRUST and TD data
Rob West feedback@raildar.co.uk Raildar Searchable historic train performance, statistics, departure boards and real-time location plotting
Placr info@placr.co.uk TransportAPI Aggregation and analytics service for UK public transport
RailCam unknown Railcam.uk Trackside cameras, live signalling diagrams and live rail data.
Real-time PPM unknown Real-time PPM A real-time display of PPM data and Twitter messages
Realtime UK train map connorhd@gmail.com Realtime UK train map A quick project to visualise some of the open data available about the UK train network.
Steve Ardagh-Walter sardaghwalter@gmail.com Levelx.info Road user alerts for level crossing closures. Early stage work in progress
RDF Group Contact form Railtracker Real-time tracking of delays
Phil Wieland phil@philwieland.com GIT Openrail

Open Rail

Open source software to download and process timetable, movement and TD streams.

Real time train data, and signalling diagrams.

James Singleton feedback@shutdownscanner.com Huxley A CORS enabled JSON proxy for the National Rail Live Departure Board SOAP API (Darwin)
Tom Spink tspink@gmail.com Scotrail Live Real-time signalling information about the Scottish rail network. Back online, with a new MQTT-based infrastructure. Signalling diagrams are currently being ported to the new infrastructure.