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Existing projects

There are a number of people working on projects using rail data. Please add yourself to this list if you are too!

Who Contact Project Details
Peter Hicks OpenTrainTimes First user of Network Rail data. Timetables and real-time signalling maps
Tom Cairns Realtime Trains Historical, real-time and future train schedules using TRUST and TD data
Rob West Raildar Searchable historic train performance, statistics, departure boards and real-time location plotting
Placr TransportAPI Aggregation and analytics service for UK public transport
RailCam unknown Trackside cameras, live signalling diagrams and live rail data.
Realtime UK train map Realtime UK train map A quick project to visualise some of the open data available about the UK train network.
Phil Wieland GIT Openrail

Open Rail

Open source software to download and process timetable, movement and TD streams.

Real time train data, and signalling diagrams.

James Singleton Huxley A CORS enabled cross-platform .NET JSON proxy for the Live Departure Boards public and staff SOAP APIs
Pilning Station Group Contact form Pilning Live Using Open Data as a driver to publicise a least-used station and to make a serious case for service improvements using analytics of collected data. Some Pilning-specific analytics available online.
Peter Mount Departure boards

Backend source

Darwin push port backed live departure boards
Andrew Montagne

Source code

LDBWS-based departure boards (example URL is for Waterloo, base URL currently has CRS selector)
Evelyn Snow User:EvelynSnow Mercury (deployed)

Frontend source Backend source

Darwin push port backed live departure boards
Gaelan Steele User:GaelanSteele



Yet another Darwin frontend: Huxley-backed live departure boards