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Community projects

There are several community-driven projects which are creating additional datasets or adding value to existing ones. Some of these may need help - if you're interested in helping out, please get in touch with the organiser.

Existing projects

There are a number of people working on projects using rail data. Please add yourself to this list if you are too!

Who Email Project Details
Peter Hicks OpenTrainTimes First user of Network Rail data. Timetables and real-time signalling maps
Tom Cairns RealTimeTrains Real-time and historical train schedules using TRUST and TD data
Matthew Cockburn Trains around Bristol Real-time locations using TD data STANOX field
Rob West Raildar Searchable historic train performance, statistics, departure boards and real-time location plotting
Placr TransportAPI Aggregation and analytics service for UK public transport
RailCam unknown Railcam.TV Trackside cameras and signalling diagrams
Real-time PPM unknown Real-time PPM A real-time display of PPM data and Twitter messages