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Install the [https://rubygems.org/gems/stomp Stomp] gem with <code>gem install stomp</code>.
#REDIRECT [[Ruby_Examples]]
The following code will connect to the datafeeds service, subscribe to the the RTPPM feed and print all messages to STDOUT.
To subscribe to multiple topics in a single connection, copy the <code>client.subscribe</code> section of code, change the topic name and the '-RTPPM' suffix
require "stomp"
class NrPollerPoller
  # Initialize the poller
  def initialize
    @hostname = 'datafeeds.networkrail.co.uk'
    @username = 'nobody@example.com'
    @password = 'topsecretpassword'
    puts "Stomp consumer for Network Rail Open Data Distribution Service"
  # Connect to the service and process messages
  def run
    client_headers = { "accept-version" => "1.1", "heart-beat" => "5000,10000", "client-id" => Socket.gethostname, "host" => @hostname }
    client_hash = { :hosts => [ { :login => @username, :passcode => @password, :host => @hostname, :port => 61618 } ], :connect_headers => client_headers }
    client = Stomp::Client.new(client_hash)
    # Check we have connected successfully
    raise "Connection failed" unless client.open?
    raise "Unexpected protocol level #{client.protocol}" unless client.protocol == Stomp::SPL_11
    raise "Connect error: #{client.connection_frame().body}" if client.connection_frame().command == Stomp::CMD_ERROR
    puts "Connected to #{client.connection_frame().headers['server']} server with STOMP #{client.connection_frame().headers['version']}"
    # Subscribe to the RTPPM topic and process messages
    client.subscribe("/topic/RTPPM_ALL", { 'id' => client.uuid(), 'ack' => 'client', 'activemq.subscriptionName' => Socket.gethostname + '-RTPPM' }) do |msg|
      puts msg.body
      client.acknowledge(msg, msg.headers)
    # We will probably never end up here
    puts "Client close complete"
e = NrPollerPoller.new
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