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This data is sourced from the CIF End User Specification Issue 24 August 2007
This data is sourced from the [[http://www.atoc.org/clientfiles/File/RSPDocuments/20070801.pdf CIF End User Specification]] Issue 24 August 2007
===Power Type===
===Power Type===

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This data is sourced from the [CIF End User Specification] Issue 24 August 2007

Power Type

Type Name
D Diesel
DEM Diesel Electric Multiple Unit
DMU Diesel Mechanical Multiple Unit (N.B. Unit type may be further qualified. See ‘Timing Load’)
E Electric
ED Electro-Diesel
EML EMU Plus D, E, ED Locomotive
EMU Electric Multiple Unit
EPU Electric Parcels Unit
HST High Speed Train
LDS Diesel Shunting Locomotive.


Type Name
A Seat Reservations Compulsory (R symbol in white box).
E Reservations for Bicycles Essential (Inverted black triangle)
R Seat Reservations Recommended (R symbol in black box).
S Seat Reservations possible from any station (white diamond symbol).

Service Branding

Type Name
E Eurostar
U Alphaline


Type Name
B First and Standard Class
F First Only
S Standard Class Only


Type Name
B Bus (Permanent)
F Freight (Permanent - WTT)
P Passenger and Parcels (Permanent - WTT)
S Ship (Permanenet)
T Trip (Permanent)
1 STP Passenger & Parcels
2 STP Frieght
3 STP Trip
4 STP Ship
5 STP Bus