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This table lists the codes used to identify Train Operating Companies (TOCs) in the various data feeds available from Network Rail. Different feeds use different sets of codes to refer to the same company.

  • Company Name is the name of the Train Operating Company
  • Business Code is a two-character code used within the TRUST system. It is used in the names of the individual train movement feeds.
  • Sector Code is the sector code used to represent the TOC in TRUST messages.
  • ATOC Code is a two-character code used to representing the TOC in the SCHEDULE feed. Freight trains are represented by an ATOC code of ZZ.
Company Name Business Code Numeric Code ATOC Code
Abellio Greater Anglia EB 21 LE
Arriva Trains Wales HL 71 AW
c2c HT 79 CC
Caledonian Sleeper ES 35 CS
Chiltern Railway HO 74 CH
CrossCountry EH 27 XC
Devon and Cornwall Railway EN 34 DC
East Midlands Trains EM 28 EM
East Coast HB 61 GR
Eurostar GA 06 ES
First Capital Connect (defunct) EG 26 FC
First Great Western EF 25 GW
First Hull Trains PF 55 HT
First Scotrail HA 60 SR
First Transpennine Express EA 20 TP
Gatwick Express HV 81 GX
GB Railfreight PE 54 ZZ
Grand Central EC 22 GC
Govia Thameslink Railway (Great Northern) ET 88 GN
Govia Thameslink Railway (Thameslink) ET 88 TL
Heathrow Connect EE 24 HC
Heathrow Express HM 86 HX
Island Lines HZ 85 IL
London Midland EJ 29 LM
London Overground EK 30 LO
LUL Bakerloo Line XC 91 LT
LUL District Line – Wimbledon XB 90 LT
LUL District Line – Richmond XE 93 LT
Merseyrail HE 64 ME
Nexus (Tyne & Wear Metro) PG 56 TW
North Yorkshire Moors Railway PR 51 NY
Northern Rail ED 23 NT
South West Trains HY 84 SW
Southeastern HU 80 SE
Southern HW 82 SN
TfL Rail (will become Crossrail) EX 33 XR
Virgin Trains HF 65 VT
West Coast Railway Co. PA 50 WR

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