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Hi all, I want to add the following under the 'Actual Times' heading. Please check that it's got the correct information as this is mostly reverse-engineered from the actual data feed as the Thales Group document does not include it:

There are several attributes on Location that can give you the planned arrival/departure times of the train in question:

  • pta/ptd which refer to the public timetable for the service (arrival and departure). You should use these to display train times to users. These are given as HH:MM in 24-hour clock format.
  • wta/wtd/wtp which refer to the "working timetable" for the service (arrival, departure, and pass). These should not be used for passenger information, but include an indication that a train will pass by a given station. These are given as HH:MM:SS in 24-hour clock format.

Filip T Wieland (talk)

This is actually part of the schema - but I agree there is a better way to get this info out & documented. It also looks like the v.16 schema files here are out of date now - hopefully if a couple of people raise support tickets to the darwind3 address we might be able to get the new version uploaded here.

I was just thinking about this myself last night now I've had some time to play with the Darwin feed. Happy to help out based on my limited experience.


The schema shouldn't be out-of-date - what are you seeing to suggest it is out of date?

Peter Hicks (talk)

It was mostly based on an email from NRES a while back from the last major upgrade - they announced a new schema was available on request (but the upgrade was none-breaking. My specific issues where caused by a namespace issue with my parser which I've managed to fix now.


Assimilation Complete - your info on the time fields has been assimilated into the page. //Q