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X8 - TBROC Victoria Kent WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

Below are the S-class definitions for the X8 TD. Last updated December 2022.

Address Identity
X800:0 S1(OFF)
X800:1 S11(OFF)
X800:2 S13(OFF)
X800:3 S15(OFF)
X800:4 S17(OFF)
X800:5 S23(OFF)
X800:6 S25(OFF)
X800:7 S27(OFF)
X801:0 S28(OFF)
X801:1 S3(OFF)
X801:2 S30(OFF)
X801:3 S31(OFF)
X801:4 S32(OFF)
X801:5 S33(OFF)
X801:6 S34(OFF)
X801:7 S35(OFF)
X802:0 S37(OFF)
X802:1 S38(OFF)
X802:2 S40(OFF)
X802:3 S42(OFF)
X802:4 S45(OFF)
X802:5 S5(OFF)
X802:6 S55(OFF)
X802:7 S552(OFF)
X803:0 S554(OFF)
X803:1 S556(OFF)
X803:2 S558(OFF)
X803:3 S56(OFF)
X803:4 S560(OFF)
X803:5 S57(OFF)
X803:6 S58(OFF)
X803:7 S7(OFF)
X804:0 S9(OFF)
X804:1 S900(OFF)
X804:2 LP1TRS
X804:3 LP2TRS
X804:4 LP3TRS
X804:5 LP4TRS
X804:6 LP5TRS
X804:7 LP6TRS
X805:0 LP7TRS
X805:1 LP8TRS
X805:2 R1A(M)
X805:3 R1B(M)
X805:4 R3A(M)
X805:5 R5A(M)
X805:6 R5B-1(M)
X805:7 R5B-2(M)
X806:0 R5B-3(M)
X806:1 R5C(M)
X806:2 R7A(M)
X806:3 R7B-1(M)
X806:4 R7B-2(M)
X806:5 R7B-3(M)
X806:6 R7C-1(M)
X806:7 R7C-2(M)
X807:0 R7D(M)
X807:1 R9A(M)
X807:2 R9B-1(M)
X807:3 R9B-2(M)
X807:4 R9B-3(M)
X807:5 R9C-1(M)
X807:6 R9C-2(M)
X807:7 R9D(M)
X808:0 R11A(M)
X808:1 R11B-1(M)
X808:2 R11B-2(M)
X808:3 R11B-3(M)
X808:4 R11B-4(M)
X808:5 R11B-5(M)
X808:6 R11B-6(M)
X808:7 R11B-7(M)
X809:0 R11C-1(M)
X809:1 R11C-2(M)
X809:2 R11C-3(M)
X809:3 R11C-4(M)
X809:4 R11C-5(M)
X809:5 R11D-1(M)
X809:6 R11D-2(M)
X809:7 R11D-3(M)
X80A:0 R13A-1(M)
X80A:1 R13A-2(M)
X80A:2 R13A-3(M)
X80A:3 R13A-4(M)
X80A:4 R13B-1(M)
X80A:5 R13B-2(M)
X80A:6 R13B-3(M)
X80A:7 R13C-1(M)
X80B:0 R13C-2(M)
X80B:1 R15A(M)
X80B:2 R15B(M)
X80B:3 R15C(M)
X80B:4 R17A(M)
X80B:5 R17B(M)
X80B:6 R17C(M)
X80B:7 R23D(M)
X80C:0 R25D(M)
X80C:1 R25F(M)
X80C:2 R27A(M)
X80C:3 R28A(M)
X80C:4 R28A(C)
X80C:5 R28B(M)
X80C:6 R28B(C)
X80C:7 R28C-1(M)
X80D:0 R28C-1(C)
X80D:1 R28C-2(M)
X80D:2 R28C-2(C)
X80D:3 R28C-3(M)
X80D:4 R28C-3(C)
X80D:5 R28C-4(M)
X80D:6 R28C-4(C)
X80D:7 R28D-1(M)
X80E:0 R28D-1(C)
X80E:1 R28D-2(M)
X80E:2 R28D-2(C)
X80E:3 R28D-3(M)
X80E:4 R28D-3(C)
X80E:5 R28D-4(M)
X80E:6 R28D-4(C)
X80E:7 R28D-5(M)
X80F:0 R28D-5(C)
X80F:1 R28D-6(M)
X80F:2 R28D-6(C)
X80F:3 R28D-7(M)
X80F:4 R28D-7(C)
X80F:5 R28D-8(M)
X80F:6 R28D-8(C)
X80F:7 R28D-9(M)
X810:0 R28D-9(C)
X810:1 R28D-10(M)
X810:2 R28D-10(C)
X810:3 R28E-1(M)
X810:4 R28E-1(C)
X810:5 R28E-2(M)
X810:6 R28E-2(C)
X810:7 R28E-3(M)
X811:0 R28E-3(C)
X811:1 R28E-4(M)
X811:2 R28E-4(C)
X811:3 R28E-5(M)
X811:4 R28E-5(C)
X811:5 R28E-6(M)
X811:6 R28E-6(C)
X811:7 R28F-1(M)
X812:0 R28F-1(C)
X812:1 R28F-2(M)
X812:2 R28F-2(C)
X812:3 R28F-3(M)
X812:4 R28F-3(C)
X812:5 R28F-4(M)
X812:6 R28F-4(C)
X812:7 R28F-5(M)
X813:0 R28F-5(C)
X813:1 R28F-6(M)
X813:2 R28F-6(C)
X813:3 R28G-1(M)
X813:4 R28G-1(C)
X813:5 R28G-2(M)
X813:6 R28G-2(C)
X813:7 R28G-3(M)
X814:0 R28G-3(C)
X814:1 R28H(M)
X814:2 R28H(C)
X814:3 R30A-1(M)
X814:4 R30A-1(C)
X814:5 R30A-2(M)
X814:6 R30A-2(C)
X814:7 R30B-1(M)
X815:0 R30B-1(C)
X815:1 R30B-2(M)
X815:2 R30B-2(C)
X815:3 R30C-1(M)
X815:4 R30C-1(C)
X815:5 R30C-2(M)
X815:6 R30C-2(C)
X815:7 R30C-3(M)
X816:0 R30C-3(C)
X816:1 R30C-4(M)
X816:2 R30C-4(C)
X816:3 R30C-5(M)
X816:4 R30C-5(C)
X816:5 R30D-1(M)
X816:6 R30D-1(C)
X816:7 R30D-2(M)
X817:0 R30D-2(C)
X817:1 R30D-3(M)
X817:2 R30D-3(C)
X817:3 R30D-4(M)
X817:4 R30D-4(C)
X817:5 R30D-5(M)
X817:6 R30D-5(C)
X817:7 R30D-6(M)
X818:0 R30D-6(C)
X818:1 R30D-7(M)
X818:2 R30D-7(C)
X818:3 R30D-8(M)
X818:4 R30D-8(C)
X818:5 R30D-9(M)
X818:6 R30D-9(C)
X818:7 R30E-1(M)
X819:0 R30E-1(C)
X819:1 R30E-2(M)
X819:2 R30E-2(C)
X819:3 R30E-3(M)
X819:4 R30E-3(C)
X819:5 R30E-4(M)
X819:6 R30E-4(C)
X819:7 R30F-1(M)
X81A:0 R30F-1(C)
X81A:1 R30F-2(M)
X81A:2 R30F-2(C)
X81A:3 R30F-3(M)
X81A:4 R30F-3(C)
X81A:5 R30F-4(M)
X81A:6 R30F-4(C)
X81A:7 R30G(M)
X81B:0 R30G(C)
X81B:1 R31A(M)
X81B:2 R32A(M)
X81B:3 R33A(M)
X81B:4 R34A(M)
X81B:5 R35A(M)
X81B:6 R35B(M)
X81B:7 R37A(M)
X81C:0 R37B(M)
X81C:1 R38A(M)
X81C:2 R40A(M)
X81C:3 R42A(M)
X81C:4 R56A(M)
X81C:5 RSEA(M)
X81C:6 RSEA(C)
X81C:7 RSEB(M)
X81D:0 RSEB(C)
X81D:1 RSEC-1(M)
X81D:2 RSEC-1(C)
X81D:3 RSEC-2(M)
X81D:4 RSEC-2(C)
X81D:5 RSED-1(M)
X81D:6 RSED-1(C)
X81D:7 RSED-2(M)
X81E:0 RSED-2(C)
X81E:1 RSED-3(M)
X81E:2 RSED-3(C)
X81E:3 RSEE(M)
X81E:4 RSEE(C)
X81E:5 RSEF(M)
X81E:6 RSEF(C)
X81E:7 R23A(S)
X81F:0 R23B(S)
X81F:1 R23C(S)
X81F:2 R25A(S)
X81F:3 R25B(S)
X81F:4 R25C(S)
X81F:5 R25E(S)
X81F:6 R552A(S)
X81F:7 R552B(S)
X820:0 R552C-1(S)
X820:1 R552C-2(S)
X820:2 R552C-3(S)
X820:3 R552C-4(S)
X820:4 R552D-1(S)
X820:5 R552D-2(S)
X820:6 R552D-3(S)
X820:7 R552D-4(S)
X821:0 R552D-5(S)
X821:1 R552D-6(S)
X821:2 R552D-7(S)
X821:3 R552D-8(S)
X821:4 R552D-9(S)
X821:5 R552D-10(S)
X821:6 R552D-11(S)
X821:7 R552E-1(S)
X822:0 R552E-2(S)
X822:1 R552E-3(S)
X822:2 R552E-4(S)
X822:3 R552E-5(S)
X822:4 R552E-6(S)
X822:5 R552E-7(S)
X822:6 R552F-1(S)
X822:7 R552F-2(S)
X823:0 R552F-3(S)
X823:1 R552F-4(S)
X823:2 R552F-5(S)
X823:3 R552F-6(S)
X823:4 R552F-7(S)
X823:5 R552G-1(S)
X823:6 R552G-2(S)
X823:7 R552G-3(S)
X824:0 R552G-4(S)
X824:1 R552H-1(S)
X824:2 R552H-2(S)
X824:3 R554A(S)
X824:4 R554B(S)
X824:5 R554C-1(S)
X824:6 R554C-2(S)
X824:7 R554C-3(S)
X825:0 R554C-4(S)
X825:1 R554D-1(S)
X825:2 R554D-2(S)
X825:3 R554D-3(S)
X825:4 R554D-4(S)
X825:5 R554D-5(S)
X825:6 R554D-6(S)
X825:7 R554D-7(S)
X826:0 R554D-8(S)
X826:1 R554D-9(S)
X826:2 R554D-10(S)
X826:3 R554D-11(S)
X826:4 R554E-1(S)
X826:5 R554E-2(S)
X826:6 R554E-3(S)
X826:7 R554E-4(S)
X827:0 R554E-5(S)
X827:1 R554E-6(S)
X827:2 R554E-7(S)
X827:3 R554F-1(S)
X827:4 R554F-2(S)
X827:5 R554F-3(S)
X827:6 R554F-4(S)
X827:7 R554F-5(S)
X828:0 R554F-6(S)
X828:1 R554F-7(S)
X828:2 R554G-1(S)
X828:3 R554G-2(S)
X828:4 R554G-3(S)
X828:5 R554G-4(S)
X828:6 R554H-1(S)
X828:7 R554H-2(S)
X829:0 R556A(S)
X829:1 R556B(S)
X829:2 R556C-1(S)
X829:3 R556C-2(S)
X829:4 R556C-3(S)
X829:5 R556C-4(S)
X829:6 R556D-1(S)
X829:7 R556D-2(S)
X82A:0 R556D-3(S)
X82A:1 R556D-4(S)
X82A:2 R556D-5(S)
X82A:3 R556D-6(S)
X82A:4 R556D-7(S)
X82A:5 R556D-8(S)
X82A:6 R556D-9(S)
X82A:7 R556D-10(S)
X82B:0 R556D-11(S)
X82B:1 R556E-1(S)
X82B:2 R556E-2(S)
X82B:3 R556E-3(S)
X82B:4 R556E-4(S)
X82B:5 R556E-5(S)
X82B:6 R556E-6(S)
X82B:7 R556E-7(S)
X82C:0 R556F-1(S)
X82C:1 R556F-2(S)
X82C:2 R556F-3(S)
X82C:3 R556F-4(S)
X82C:4 R556F-5(S)
X82C:5 R556F-6(S)
X82C:6 R556F-7(S)
X82C:7 R556G-1(S)
X82D:0 R556G-2(S)
X82D:1 R556G-3(S)
X82D:2 R556G-4(S)
X82D:3 R556H-1(S)
X82D:4 R556H-2(S)
X82D:5 R558A(S)
X82D:6 R558B(S)
X82D:7 R558C-1(S)
X82E:0 R558C-2(S)
X82E:1 R558C-3(S)
X82E:2 R558C-4(S)
X82E:3 R558D-1(S)
X82E:4 R558D-2(S)
X82E:5 R558D-3(S)
X82E:6 R558D-4(S)
X82E:7 R558D-5(S)
X82F:0 R558D-6(S)
X82F:1 R558D-7(S)
X82F:2 R558D-8(S)
X82F:3 R558D-9(S)
X82F:4 R558D-10(S)
X82F:5 R558D-11(S)
X82F:6 R558E-1(S)
X82F:7 R558E-2(S)
X830:0 R558E-3(S)
X830:1 R558E-4(S)
X830:2 R558E-5(S)
X830:3 R558E-6(S)
X830:4 R558E-7(S)
X830:5 R558F-1(S)
X830:6 R558F-2(S)
X830:7 R558F-3(S)
X831:0 R558F-4(S)
X831:1 R558F-5(S)
X831:2 R558F-6(S)
X831:3 R558F-7(S)
X831:4 R558G-1(S)
X831:5 R558G-2(S)
X831:6 R558G-3(S)
X831:7 R558G-4(S)
X832:0 R558H-1(S)
X832:1 R558H-2(S)
X832:2 R560A(S)
X832:3 R560B(S)
X832:4 R560C-1(S)
X832:5 R560C-2(S)
X832:6 R560C-3(S)
X832:7 R560D-1(S)
X833:0 R560D-2(S)
X833:1 R560D-3(S)
X833:2 R560D-4(S)
X833:3 R560D-5(S)
X833:4 R560D-6(S)
X833:5 R560E-1(S)
X833:6 R560E-2(S)
X833:7 R560E-3(S)
X834:0 R560F-1(S)
X834:1 R560F-2(S)
X834:2 R560F-3(S)
X834:3 R560G(S)
X834:4 R560H(S)
X834:5 RSEA(M/S)
X834:6 RSEB(M/S)
X834:7 RSEC-1(M/S)
X835:0 RSEC-2(M/S)
X835:1 RSED-1(M/S)
X835:2 RSED-2(M/S)
X835:3 RSED-3(M/S)
X835:4 RSEE(M/S)
X835:5 RSEF(M/S)
X835:6 RSEA(S)
X835:7 RSEB(S)
X836:0 RSEC-1(S)
X836:1 RSEC-2(S)
X836:2 RSED-1(S)
X836:3 RSED-2(S)
X836:4 RSED-3(S)
X836:5 RSEE(S)
X836:6 RSEF(S)
X836:7 TAA
X837:0 TAB
X837:1 TAC
X837:2 TAE
X837:3 TAF
X837:4 TAG
X837:5 TAH
X837:6 TAJ
X837:7 TAK
X838:0 TAL
X838:1 TAM
X838:2 TAN
X838:3 TAO
X838:4 TBA
X838:5 TBB
X838:6 TBC
X838:7 TBD
X839:0 TBE
X839:1 TBF
X839:2 TBG
X839:3 TBH
X839:4 TBJ
X839:5 TBK
X839:6 TBL
X839:7 TBN
X83A:0 TBO
X83A:1 TBP
X83A:2 TBQ
X83A:3 TBR
X83A:4 TBS
X83A:5 TBT
X83A:6 TBU
X83A:7 TBV
X83B:0 TBX
X83B:1 TCA
X83B:2 TCB
X83B:3 TCC
X83B:4 TCD
X83B:5 TCE
X83B:6 TCF
X83B:7 TCG
X83C:0 TCH
X83C:1 TCJ
X83C:2 TCK
X83C:3 TCL
X83C:4 TCM
X83C:5 TCN
X83C:6 TCO
X83C:7 TCP
X83D:0 TCQ
X83D:1 TCR
X83D:2 TCS
X83D:3 TCT
X83D:4 TCU
X83D:5 TDA
X83D:6 TDB
X83D:7 TDC
X83E:0 TDD
X83E:1 TDE
X83E:2 TDF
X83E:3 TDG
X83E:4 TDH
X83E:5 TDJ
X83E:6 TDK
X83E:7 TDL
X83F:0 TDM
X83F:1 TDX
X83F:2 TEA
X83F:3 TEB
X83F:4 TLA
X83F:5 TLB
X83F:6 TVL
X83F:7 TWG
X840:0 T40(ATR)

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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