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YC - YKROC Peterborough Area WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

This information is for a future signalling scheme, expected to be commissioned in August 2023. This information is likely to change before this date.

Below are the S-class definitions for the YC TD. Last updated January 2023.

Address Identity
YC00:0 LS485(RR)I
YC00:1 LS490(RR)I
YC00:2 LS496(RR)I
YC00:3 LS499(RR)I
YC00:4 LS864(RR)I
YC00:5 LS867(RR)I
YC01:0 R63(2)S
YC01:1 R63(3)S
YC01:2 R65(1)S
YC01:3 R65(2)S
YC01:4 R76(1)S
YC01:5 R76(2)S
YC01:6 R76(3)S
YC01:7 R76(4)S
YC02:0 R76(5)S
YC02:1 R77(1)S
YC02:2 R77(2)S
YC02:3 R78(1)S
YC02:4 R78(2)S
YC02:5 R78(4)S
YC02:6 R78(5)S
YC02:7 R78(6)S
YC03:0 R78(7)S
YC03:1 R79(1)S
YC03:2 R79(2)S
YC03:3 R79(3)S
YC03:4 R79(4)S
YC03:5 R80(1)S
YC03:6 R86(1)S
YC03:7 R86(2)S
YC04:0 R86(3)S
YC04:1 R89(1)S
YC04:2 R89(2)S
YC04:3 R90(1)S
YC04:4 R90(2)S
YC04:5 R90(3)S
YC04:6 R90(4)S
YC04:7 R90(5)S
YC05:0 R90(6)S
YC05:1 R92(1)S
YC05:2 R92(2)S
YC05:3 R92(3)S
YC05:4 R92(4)S
YC05:5 R92(5)S
YC05:6 R92(6)S
YC05:7 R101(1)S
YC06:0 R103(1)S
YC06:1 R417(1)M
YC06:2 R417(2)M
YC06:3 R421(1)C
YC06:4 R421(1)M
YC06:5 R421(2)C
YC06:6 R421(2)M
YC06:7 R421(2)W
YC07:0 R423(1)C
YC07:1 R423(1)M
YC07:2 R423(2)C
YC07:3 R423(2)M
YC07:4 R423(2)W
YC07:5 R423(3)M
YC07:6 R423(4)C
YC07:7 R423(4)M
YC08:0 R423(5)C
YC08:1 R423(5)M
YC08:2 R428(1)M
YC08:3 R430(1)M
YC08:4 R431(1)M
YC08:5 R431(2)S
YC08:6 R433(1)M
YC08:7 R433(2)M
YC09:0 R433(3)M
YC09:1 R433(4)S
YC09:2 R433(5)S
YC09:3 R435(1)M
YC09:4 R435(3)S
YC09:5 R436(1)M
YC09:6 R436(2)M
YC09:7 R436(3)S
YC0A:0 R437(1)M
YC0A:1 R437(2)S
YC0A:2 R437(3)S
YC0A:3 R437(4)S
YC0A:4 R437(5)M
YC0A:5 R438(1)M
YC0A:6 R438(2)S
YC0A:7 R440(1)M
YC0B:0 R440(2)S
YC0B:1 R442(1)M
YC0B:2 R442(2)M
YC0B:3 R442(3)S
YC0B:4 R442(4)S
YC0B:5 R443(1)M
YC0B:6 R443(2)M
YC0B:7 R443(3)M
YC0C:0 R443(4)S
YC0C:1 R443(5)S
YC0C:2 R444(1)M
YC0C:3 R444(2)M
YC0C:4 R444(3)S
YC0C:5 R444(4)S
YC0C:6 R445(1)M
YC0C:7 R445(2)M
YC0D:0 R445(3)S
YC0D:1 R446(1)M
YC0D:2 R446(2)M
YC0D:3 R448(1)M
YC0D:4 R449(1)M
YC0D:5 R449(2)M
YC0D:6 R449(4)S
YC0D:7 R451(1)M
YC0E:0 R451(2)S
YC0E:1 R458(1)C
YC0E:2 R458(1)M
YC0E:3 R458(2)C
YC0E:4 R458(2)M
YC0E:5 R458(3)M
YC0E:6 R458(4)C
YC0E:7 R458(4)M
YC0F:0 R458(5)C
YC0F:1 R458(5)M
YC0F:2 R458(6)C
YC0F:3 R458(6)M
YC0F:4 R458(9)S
YC0F:5 R458(10)C
YC0F:6 R458(10)M
YC0F:7 R462(1)C
YC10:0 R462(1)M
YC10:1 R462(2)C
YC10:2 R462(2)M
YC10:3 R462(3)C
YC10:4 R462(3)M
YC10:5 R462(4)C
YC10:6 R462(4)M
YC10:7 R466(1)C
YC11:0 R466(1)M
YC11:1 R466(2)C
YC11:2 R466(2)M
YC11:3 R466(3)M
YC11:4 R466(4)C
YC11:5 R466(4)M
YC11:6 R466(5)C
YC11:7 R466(5)M
YC12:0 R466(6)C
YC12:1 R466(6)M
YC12:2 R466(9)S
YC12:3 R466(10)C
YC12:4 R466(10)M
YC12:5 R468(1)C
YC12:6 R468(1)M
YC12:7 R468(2)C
YC13:0 R468(2)M
YC13:1 R468(3)M
YC13:2 R468(4)C
YC13:3 R468(4)M
YC13:4 R468(5)C
YC13:5 R468(5)M
YC13:6 R468(8)C
YC13:7 R468(8)M
YC14:0 R470(1)C
YC14:1 R470(1)M
YC14:2 R470(2)C
YC14:3 R470(2)M
YC14:4 R470(3)C
YC14:5 R470(3)M
YC14:6 R470(4)C
YC14:7 R470(4)M
YC15:0 R470(5)C
YC15:1 R470(5)M
YC15:2 R470(6)C
YC15:3 R470(6)M
YC15:4 R470(7)C
YC15:5 R470(7)M
YC15:6 R475(1)M
YC15:7 R477(1)M
YC16:0 R477(2)M
YC16:1 R479(1)M
YC16:2 R479(2)M
YC16:3 R479(3)M
YC16:4 R481(1)M
YC16:5 R481(2)M
YC16:6 R481(3)M
YC16:7 R483(1)M
YC17:0 R483(2)M
YC17:1 R483(3)M
YC17:2 R484(1)M
YC17:3 R484(2)S
YC17:4 R484(3)S
YC17:5 R484(4)S
YC17:6 R485(1)M
YC17:7 R485(2)M
YC18:0 R486(1)M
YC18:1 R486(2)M
YC18:2 R486(3)S
YC18:3 R486(4)S
YC18:4 R486(5)S
YC18:5 R488(1)M
YC18:6 R488(2)M
YC18:7 R488(3)M
YC19:0 R488(4)S
YC19:1 R488(5)S
YC19:2 R488(6)S
YC19:3 R493(1)M
YC19:4 R493(2)M
YC19:5 R495(1)M
YC19:6 R500(1)M
YC19:7 R500(2)M
YC1A:0 R511(1)M
YC1A:1 R511(2)M
YC1A:2 R541(1)M
YC1A:3 R541(2)M
YC1A:4 R541(3)S
YC1A:5 R542(1)M
YC1A:6 R542(2)M
YC1A:7 R542(3)S
YC1B:0 R542(4)S
YC1B:1 R543(1)M
YC1B:2 R543(2)M
YC1B:3 R543(3)S
YC1B:4 R544(1)M
YC1B:5 R544(2)M
YC1B:6 R612(1)M
YC1B:7 R612(2)M
YC1C:0 R613(1)M
YC1C:1 R615(1)M
YC1C:2 R793(1)M
YC1C:3 R793(2)M
YC1C:4 R797(1)C
YC1C:5 R797(1)M
YC1C:6 R797(2)C
YC1C:7 R797(2)M
YC1D:0 R797(3)C
YC1D:1 R797(3)M
YC1D:2 R799(1)C
YC1D:3 R799(1)M
YC1D:4 R799(2)C
YC1D:5 R799(2)M
YC1D:6 R799(3)C
YC1D:7 R799(3)M
YC1E:0 R799(3)W
YC1E:1 R864(1)M
YC1E:2 R864(2)M
YC1E:3 R1194
YC1F:0 S56
YC1F:1 S63
YC1F:2 S65
YC1F:3 S66
YC1F:4 S74
YC1F:5 S76
YC1F:6 S77
YC1F:7 S78
YC20:0 S79
YC20:1 S80
YC20:2 S81
YC20:3 S84
YC20:4 S85
YC20:5 S86
YC20:6 S87
YC20:7 S88
YC21:0 S89
YC21:1 S90
YC21:2 S91
YC21:3 S92
YC21:4 S93
YC21:5 S101
YC21:6 S103
YC21:7 S417
YC22:0 S421
YC22:1 S423
YC22:2 S428
YC22:3 S430
YC22:4 S431
YC22:5 S433
YC22:6 S434
YC22:7 S435
YC23:0 S436
YC23:1 S437
YC23:2 S438
YC23:3 S440
YC23:4 S442
YC23:5 S443
YC23:6 S444
YC23:7 S445
YC24:0 S446
YC24:1 S448
YC24:2 S449
YC24:3 S451
YC24:4 S458
YC24:5 S462
YC24:6 S466
YC24:7 S468
YC25:0 S470
YC25:1 S475
YC25:2 S477
YC25:3 S479
YC25:4 S481
YC25:5 S483
YC25:6 S484
YC25:7 S485
YC26:0 S486
YC26:1 S487
YC26:2 S488
YC26:3 S490
YC26:4 S493
YC26:5 S495
YC26:6 S496
YC26:7 S499
YC27:0 S500
YC27:1 S502
YC27:2 S511
YC27:3 S535
YC27:4 S541
YC27:5 S542
YC27:6 S543
YC27:7 S544
YC28:0 S546
YC28:1 S577
YC28:2 S579
YC28:3 S580
YC28:4 S582
YC28:5 S612
YC28:6 S613
YC28:7 S615
YC29:0 S793
YC29:1 S796
YC29:2 S797
YC29:3 S798
YC29:4 S799
YC29:5 S800
YC29:6 S802
YC29:7 S862
YC2A:0 S864
YC2A:1 S867
YC2B:0 T0021
YC2B:1 T0062
YC2B:2 T0151
YC2B:3 T0801
YC2B:4 T0802
YC2B:5 T0803
YC2B:6 T0804
YC2B:7 T0811
YC2C:0 T0812
YC2C:1 T0813
YC2C:2 T0821
YC2C:3 T0822
YC2C:4 T0823
YC2C:5 T0830
YC2C:6 T0840
YC2C:7 T1301/-/1604
YC2D:0 T1511
YC2D:1 T1512/T1614
YC2D:2 T1612/1613
YC2D:3 T7015/-/7012
YC2D:4 T7111
YC2D:5 T7122/T7123
YC2D:6 T7211
YC2D:7 T7221
YC2E:0 T7312
YC2E:1 T7322
YC2E:2 T7405
YC2E:3 T7411
YC2E:4 T7413
YC2E:5 T7421
YC2E:6 T7423
YC2E:7 T7505
YC2F:0 T7515
YC2F:1 T7522
YC2F:2 T7525
YC2F:3 T7532
YC2F:4 T7601
YC2F:5 T7602
YC2F:6 T7603
YC2F:7 T7604
YC30:0 T7607
YC30:1 T7609
YC30:2 T7612
YC30:3 T7614
YC30:4 T7621
YC30:5 T7630
YC30:6 T7631
YC30:7 T7632
YC31:0 T7633
YC31:1 T7634
YC31:2 T7635
YC31:3 T7637
YC31:4 T7638
YC31:5 T7639
YC31:6 T7643
YC31:7 T7646
YC32:0 T7691
YC32:1 T7701
YC32:2 T7702
YC32:3 T7704
YC32:4 T7712
YC32:5 T7713
YC32:6 T7715
YC32:7 T7722
YC33:0 T7724
YC33:1 T7725
YC33:2 T7731
YC33:3 T7732
YC33:4 T7733
YC33:5 T7734
YC33:6 T7735
YC33:7 T7742
YC34:0 T7744
YC34:1 T7745
YC34:2 T7752
YC34:3 T7753
YC34:4 T7754
YC34:5 T7755
YC34:6 T7761
YC34:7 T7762
YC35:0 T7763
YC35:1 T7801
YC35:2 T7803
YC35:3 T7805
YC35:4 T7811
YC35:5 T7812
YC35:6 T7814
YC35:7 T7821
YC36:0 T7823
YC36:1 T7824
YC36:2 T7831
YC36:3 T7832
YC36:4 T7833
YC36:5 T7834
YC36:6 T7841
YC36:7 T7851
YC37:0 T7901
YC37:1 T7902/8001
YC37:2 T7911
YC37:3 T7913
YC37:4 T7914/8011
YC37:5 T7923/7924
YC37:6 T7930
YC37:7 T7933/7934
YC38:0 T7941
YC38:1 T7943
YC38:2 T7982
YC38:3 T8002/8003
YC38:4 T8004/8101
YC38:5 T8012/8013
YC38:6 T8014/-/8112
YC38:7 T8021
YC39:0 T8022/8121
YC39:1 T8031
YC39:2 T8032/8131
YC39:3 T8041
YC39:4 T8042/8141
YC39:5 T8071
YC39:6 T8086
YC39:7 T8102
YC3A:0 T8103/-/1603
YC3A:1 T8113/-/8212
YC3A:2 T8122/-/8221
YC3A:3 T8132/-/8231
YC3A:4 T8142/8143
YC3A:5 T8201/8202
YC3A:6 T8203
YC3A:7 T8204/8301
YC3B:0 T8213/-/8311
YC3B:1 T8223/8224
YC3B:2 T8233/8234
YC3B:3 T8302/8303
YC3B:4 T8304
YC3B:5 T8312/-/8314
YC3B:6 T8321/-/8323
YC3B:7 T8331/-/8333
YC3C:0 T8334/8431
YC3C:1 T8402
YC3C:2 T8411
YC3C:3 T8412
YC3C:4 T8421
YC3C:5 T8432
YC3C:6 T8433
YC3C:7 T8501
YC3D:0 T8502
YC3D:1 T8511
YC3D:2 T8512
YC3D:3 T8521
YC3D:4 T8523
YC3D:5 T8532
YC3D:6 T8533
YC3D:7 T8601/8602
YC3E:0 T8611/8612
YC3E:1 T8621
YC3E:2 T8631
YC3E:3 T8632
YC3E:4 T8701
YC3E:5 T8711
YC3E:6 T8721/8722
YC3E:7 T8731/8732
YC3F:0 T8801
YC3F:1 T8802
YC3F:2 T8811
YC3F:3 T8812
YC3F:4 T8821
YC3F:5 T8831
YC3F:6 T8901
YC3F:7 T8911
YC40:0 T8921
YC40:1 T8931
YC40:2 T9001
YC40:3 T9011
YC40:4 T9021
YC40:5 T9031
YC40:6 T9101
YC40:7 T9102
YC41:0 T9111
YC41:1 T9112
YC41:2 T9121
YC41:3 T9131
YC41:4 T9202
YC41:5 T9212
YC41:6 T9222
YC41:7 T9232
YC42:0 T9301
YC42:1 T9311
YC42:2 T9321
YC42:3 T9332
YC42:4 T9401
YC42:5 T9411
YC42:6 T9421
YC42:7 T9431
YC43:0 T9501
YC43:1 T9511
YC43:2 T9521
YC43:3 T9531
YC43:4 T9601
YC43:5 T9611
YC43:6 T9621
YC43:7 T9631
YC44:0 T9701
YC44:1 T9711
YC44:2 T9721
YC44:3 T9731
YC44:4 T9751
YC44:5 T9753
YC44:6 T9801
YC44:7 T9802
YC45:0 T9811
YC45:1 T9812
YC45:2 T9821
YC45:3 T9831
YC45:4 T9851
YC45:5 T9901
YC45:6 T9911
YC45:7 T9912
YC46:0 T9913
YC46:1 T9921
YC46:2 T9931
YC46:3 T9953
YC46:4 T9954
YC46:5 T9955
YC46:6 T9957
YC46:7 T9962
YC47:0 T9963
YC47:1 T9965
YC47:2 T9967
YC47:3 T9969
YC4A:0 GF1292R

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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