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  • Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) messages are sent once a week, on a Friday at 0600, and contain a snapshot TSR data is available in an all-route feed, as well as specific localised feeds. To
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  • [[Category: TSR Data]]
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  • ...igh-volume, and if you disconnect for even a minute, you can lose a lot of data * The [[TSR]] feed has a handful of messages on a Friday morning (when the Weekly Opera
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  • |Berth-level data from the Train Describer system, showing raw data with train movements in more detail than the [[Train Movements]] feed. |[[TSR]]
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  • |TSR speed restrictions for track work outside of the Timetable Planning Rules |Reactionary Delay to ‘P’ coded TSR
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  • ...hedules, or if you want to receive data for non-passenger TOC trains. The data in these feeds is of a highly technical nature and you will require a fair ...ds|National Rail Enquiries feeds]]''' if you want industry-wide consistent data on passenger train movements which matches that shown in railway stations a
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  • ...list of acronyms] was released by Network Rail on 10th August 2018 from a data set held in TOPS, hence all text is in upper-case. The data has not been updated for many years and may not reflect current practice -
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