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Temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) messages are sent once a week, on a Friday at 0600, and contain a snapshot of the TSRs published in the Weekly Operating Notice.

If your client is not connected at 0600 on a Friday, or does not have a durable subscription in place at this time, you will not receive the TSR messages.


TSR data is available on a single topic, TSR_ALL_ROUTE. Previously, the messages were split in a number of topics, listed below for historical purposes only:

Historical topic Description
TSR_ALL_ROUTE All routes
TSR_ANG_ROUTE Anglia route
TSR_WEST_ROUTE Western route
TSR_KENT_SUSS_ROUTE Kent & Sussex route
TSR_WESS_ROUTE Wessex route
TSR_SCOT_ROUTE Scotland route
TSR_LNE_S_ROUTE London North Eastern (South) Route
TSR_LNE_C_ROUTE London North Eastern (Central) Route
TSR_LNE_N_ROUTE London North Eastern (North) Route
TSR_LNW_S_ROUTE London North Western (South) Route
TSR_LNW_N_ROUTE London North Western (North) Route
TSR_EM_ROUTE East Midlands route


One TSRBatchMsg is sent for each route group, containing the TSRs for that group. Route groups are identified by the routeGroupCode, however these are liable to change without notice in the future as the groups are revised.

The groups are:

London North Western (South)
East Midlands
Western and Wales
London North Western (North)
Kent & Sussex
London North Eastern

Individual routes that TSRs apply to are represented by Route Codes.

Data Structure

    "TSRBatchMsgV1": {
        "schemaLocation": "http://xml.hiav.networkrail.co.uk/schema/net/tsr/1 net_tsr_messaging_v1.xsd",
        "owner": "Network Rail",
        "timestamp": "1422868697000",
        "originMsgId": "2015-02-02T09:18:23.718+00:00-9PPS",
        "classification": "industry",
        "systemEnvironmentCode": "Production",
        "Sender": {
            "organisation": "Network Rail",
            "application": "HUB",
            "applicationDomain": "net",
            "instance": "",
            "component": "",
            "userID": "",
            "sessionID": "",
            "conversationID": "",
            "messageID": ""
        "Publication": {
            "TopicID": "TSR/9"
        "TSRBatchMsg": {
            "routeGroup": "Wessex",
            "routeGroupCode": "9",
            "publishDate": "1422597602000",
            "publishSource": "WON_1415_46_F",
            "routeGroupCoverage": "full",
            "batchPublishEvent": "publishWON",
            "WONStartDate": "1423267260000",
            "WONEndDate": "1423871940000",
            "tsr": [
                    "TSRID": "105556",
                    "creationDate": "1390985378000",
                    "publishDate": "1422597602000",
                    "publishEvent": "nonSpecific",
                    "RouteGroupName": "Wessex",
                    "RouteCode": "SW105",
                    "RouteOrder": "701",
                    "TSRReference": "T2013/105556",
                    "FromLocation": "Wool",
                    "ToLocation": "Wool",
                    "LineName": "Up",
                    "SubunitType": "chains",
                    "MileageFrom": "126",
                    "SubunitFrom": "26",
                    "MileageTo": "123",
                    "SubunitTo": "45",
                    "MovingMileage": "false",
                    "PassengerSpeed": "50",
                    "FreightSpeed": "50",
                    "ValidFromDate": "1392026400000",
                    "ValidToDate": "64060675199000",
                    "Reason": "Condition Of Track",
                    "Requestor": "Network Rail Wessex (Eastleigh MDUM)",
                    "Comments": null,
                    "Direction": "up"


Field Description
routeGroup The name of the route group
routeGroupCode Numeric code of the route group.
publishDate The date Weekly Operating Notice was published.
publishSource Identifier of Weekly Operating Notice.
WONStartDate Start of the Weekly Operating Notice period.
WONEndDate End of the Weekly Operating Notice period.

For each TSR, the following keys are present:

Field Description
TSRID Identifier of TSR
creationDate The date TSR was originally created
RouteGroupName The name of the route group
RouteCode The RouteCode on which the TSR exists
TSRReference The reference of this TSR
FromLocation Full name of the location at which the TSR begins
ToLocation Full name of the location at which the TSR ends
LineName The name of the line to which the TSR applies
SubUnitType The sub-unit type, i.e. "yards" or "chains"
MileageFrom/SubunitFrom The mileage and sub-unit (yards or chains) of the start of the TSR on this line
MileageTo/SubunitTo The mileage and sub-unit (yards or chains) of the end of the TSR on this line
MovingMileage Set to "true" if the TSR may be moved progressively along the line
PassengerSpeed The maximum permitted speed for a passenger train through the TSR
FreightSpeed The maximum permitted speed for a freight train through the TSR
ValidFromDate Start date of the TSR
ValidToDate End date of the TSR
WONValidFrom Start date of the TSR, formatted according to WON dates (optional key)
WONValidTo End date of the TSR, formatted according to WON dates (optional key)
Reason The reason for the TSR
Reqestor The name of the requesting party
Comments Comments associated with the TSR
Direction The line direction (up / down) to which the TSR is applicable

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