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Version 16

Version 16 of the Push Port is available.

Version 16 uses the following schema versions:

File Version
rttiCTTReferenceSchema v3
rttiCTTSchema v8
rttiPPTAlarms v1
rttiPPTCommonTypes v1
rttiPPTCommonTypes v2
rttiPPTCommonTypes v3
rttiPPTCommonTypes v4
rttiPPTForecasts v3
rttiPPTFormations v1
rttiPPTFormations v2
rttiPPTSchedules v2
rttiPPTSchedules v3
rttiPPTSchema v16
rttiPPTStationMessages v1.1
rttiPPTStatus v1
rttiPPTTDData v1
rttiPPTTrainAlerts v1
rttiPPTTrainOrder v1

Sample v16 data is available.

The namespaces are not links to a website - see the Wikipedia article on XML namespaces for more information.

Previous versions

Version 12

Version 12 of the Push Port is no longer available, and used the following XSD versions:

Name Namespace Schema
Timetable http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/XmlTimetable/v8 rttiCTTSchema_v8.xsd.gz
Reference Data http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/XmlRefData/v3 rttiCTTReferenceSchema_v3.xsd.gz
Push Port Data http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/v12 rttiPPTSchema_v12.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Common Types http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/CommonTypes/v1 rttiPPTCommonTypes_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Schedules http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/Schedules/v1 rttiPPTSchedules_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Forecasts http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/Forecasts/v2 rttiPPTForecasts_v2.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Train Order http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/TrainOrder/v1 rttiPPTTrainOrder_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Station Messages http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/StationMessages/v1 rttiPPTStationMessages_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Train Alerts http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/TrainAlerts/v1 rttiPPTTrainAlerts_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - TD Data http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/TDData/v1 rttiPPTTDData_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Alarms http://www.thalesgroup.com/rtti/PushPort/Alarms/v1 rttiPPTAlarms_v1.xsd.gz
Push Port Data - Status http://thalesgroup.com/RTTI/PushPortStatus/root_1 rttiPPTStatus_v1.xsd.gz