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Station Messages message

Class diagram for the RttiPPTStationMessages_v1 schema


A Station Message is a message which relates to a list of stations. These are typically sent when there is a problem affecting services at a station or on a route.

These messages can also indicate that real-time running for trains at a station should be suppressed. For example, if a station is evacuated but trains are still running through, it is not appropriate to show trains at that location.


Station Messages are contained in an 'OW' element, with zero or more Station elements, and a single Msg element.

  • The Station elements contain an attribute 'crs' which contains the CRS code of the station
  • The Msg element can include 'p' and 'a' elements which work similarly to <p> and <a> HTML elements, and may also include HTML entities, e.g. &nbsp;, these may need translating if the message is displayed in a browser, or sent to a non-HTML capable device.

The 'id' attribute on the 'OW' element must be used to identify messages. If a further station message is received with the same ID as a previous message, the message and list of stations to which it applies must be updated - either the message text, or the list of stations to which it applies may have changed, with stations added or removed. If a station message is received with no stations shown, it implies that the message should no longer be shown at any station.

The 'OW' element also contains a category and severity, a list of which appears below. It may also contain a 'suppress' element set to a true value - if this is the case, the arrival and departure boards for this station should not be displayed, as the information may be inaccurate or misleading.

Example message

<OW id="48203" cat="Train" sev="1">
  <sm:Station crs="CDQ"/>
  <sm:Station crs="RDR"/>
  <sm:Station crs="TRD"/>
    <sm:p>Trains between Bridgend and Cardiff Central are being disrupted. More details can be found in <sm:a href="http://nationalrail.co.uk/service_disruptions/89943.aspx">Latest Travel News.</sm:a></sm:p>


Category Meaning
Train Affects trains calling at a station
Station Related to the station, e.g. lifts or escalators
Connections Information on other services at a station, e.g. London Underground
System Related to the operation of Darwin, e.g. feed failure
Misc Anything not covered by another category
PriorTrains Advance notices of engineering work
PriorOthers Advance notices of other work, e.g. planned escalator maintenance work


Severity Meaning
0 Situation normal
1 Minor
2 Major
3 Severe