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Train Order message


A Train order message indicates the order in which trains are expected to call/pass a station platform.


Train order messages are contained in an 'tor' (TrainOrder) element which has TIPLOC, CRS code, and platform attributes.

  • The TIPLOC is the TIPLOC supplied by the provider of the train order, so it may not be the same as the TIPLOC in the schedules referenced in the message.
  • The TIPLOC and those referenced in the schedules will have the same CRS code

The train Order message can set a new train order if it contains a 'set' element. Or it can clear the previous train order message if it has the 'clear' element.

If the message is setting a new train order, the details of the order are in the 'tns' (TrainOrderData) element within the 'set' element. There can be up to three trains in the order, with each train identified by the RID and train ID (headcode).