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In some TRUST messages, the Line And Terminal Address (LATA) of the inputting terminal is shown, usually when the event (movement or cancellation) is manually reported, or is reported through TOPS.

LATAs are in the format AANNNNN:

  • AA is a two-character string which indicates the type of terminal and its sequence number
  • NNNNN is the TOPS Responsibility Area (TRA) that the user is within

LATA types

Type Description
C Network Rail (Route Control)
D Network Rail
F Network Rail
J Freight Operating Company
K Freight Operating Company
L Network Rail
M Browse-only
N Freight Operating Company
Q Network Rail
R Network Rail (Route Control)
W Interfaces to TOPS
X Area Freight Centre (AFC)


When TOPS was introduced, a TRA covered a geographical area. Since privatisation of the rail industry, TRAs are now operator-centric, rather than geography-centric.

STANOX Description Abbreviation
01000 Network Rail, Scotland Route (L) SC
02000 Network Rail, London North Eastern Route (G) NE
03000 Network Rail, Former London North Western (F) NW
04000 Network Rail, Former Midlands Route (E) MD
05000 Network Rail, Wessex Route (C) SW
06000 Network Rail, Sussex Route (B) ST
07000 Network Rail, Western Route (D) GW
07360 DB Cargo, Mossend Down Yard MO
10000 Network Rail, Anglia Route (H) AN
10200 Direct Rail Services SD
11500 West Coast Railways WC
15400 DB Cargo, Thornaby (Tees New Yard) TE
17000 Devon and Cornwall Railways DE
23200 Varamis Rail MV
23400 Fastline, Doncaster (Roberts Road) FL
23430 DB Cargo, Doncaster Up Decoy DF
23450 DB Cargo, Anglia Locations DA
23460 DB Cargo, Doncaster Coal DC
31000 JSD Rail RR
35550 DB Cargo, Warrington (Arpley Sidings) WA
35560 DB Cargo, Warrington (Infrastructure) WR
42134 Locomotive Services LS
42159 Freightliner, Crewe (Basford Hall) CE
42960 DB Cargo, Charters (Crewe) RS
51500 Victa Rail VR
52900 GB Railfreight (London) GB
52910 GB Railfreight (South) GS
52920 GB Railfreight (Scotland) GT
52990 Liverpool Street (London) LS
57990 East Midlands Trains (Derby) ML
58000 LORAM LC
63600 Rail Operations Group RO
66400 Vintage Trains TY
66900 CrossCountry (Birmingham) CC
67360 Advenza Freight (Gloucester) CT
72410 Avanti West Coast (Euston) EU
72930 Serco, Derby SR
75960 Great Western Railway (Swindon) SN
76470 DB Cargo, Newport (Alexandra Dock) AD
78000 Transport for Wales HL
82100 DB Cargo, Westbury (Down Yard) WY
82230 DB Cargo (South East) WB
82240 DB Cargo (Westbury) WT
87790 Colas, Rugby PR
89700 Eurotunnel (Folkestone) EP
89735 DB Cargo International (Dollands Moor) DM