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Hello there!

I'm David Wheatley! I'm a software developer at Raileasy working on the TrainSplit Android app and various other things in the organisation as needed. I'm currently studying as part of a degree apprenticeship at the University of Warwick.

In my spare time, I maintain open source projects including and, which both utilise data from Darwin to announce and display live running information.

I lurk on the Open Rail Data mailing list and am a semi-regular posting in the Fares & Routeing section of RailForums. I'd probably contribute more on here if I finally decided to stop using Huxley2 and move to a push port Darwin client. That'll likely happen when RDG email me asking me to start paying them for my LDBWS usage...

Any questions? Feel free to email me at <first name> @ Preferably in English or, if you feel adventurous and wish to torture me, test my Danish language skills.