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I'm one of the "casual" datafeeds users. Once a software developer by trade, now nominally pway, I've had an interest in open data (particularly around the railway) for a few years. I work on personal projects and contribute to this wiki in my spare time.

I can speak English, some Bokmål Norwegian, and a little French.


I'm happy to answer general enquiries about data feeds, but recommend asking on the mailing list, as others can also help you, other NROD wiki contributors are active there, and the answers and discussion will benefit other feeds users.

For other enquiries, please write to username (minus the User: prefix) at kanaya dot dev. Note that I am not willing to support commercial uses of my projects free-of-charge (though I would be interested in being hired to do rail data work!)

NROD wiki examples I maintain

Project name Language Libraries Purpose Repository Maintained?
TD/TRUST example Python3 STOMP example for TRUST and TD Y
TD/TRUST example Elixir Barytherium STOMP example for TRUST and TD Y

Other NRODish projects

Project name Language Libraries Purpose URLs Maintained?
DarwinShovel Elixir Barytherium STOMP relay for Darwin Push Port feeds Y
TungstenSwallow Elixir Barytherium, Erlsom, Ecto Live departure board backend Y
MercurySwallow Elixir Phoenix, Ecto Live departure board frontend Source: Deployed: Y
ZirconiumSwallow Erlang cowboy Stations_Experience_API lifts backend Y
IronSwallow Python3, SQLAlchemy, Postgres Darwin Push Port backend N
CopperSwallow Python3 SQLAlchemy, flask Frontend for IronSwallow N
Hirondelle Elixir Phoenix, Ecto Live departure boards demonstration for TBM (Transports Bordeaux Métropole) N