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Fares data is released by Rail Settlement Plan periodically, and can be downloaded from the ATOC Industry Data site.

The ATOC Fares Feed contains details of the available tickets, their prices and restrictions, between any two stations on the railway.

The feed is updated each January, May and September.

Instructions for using the feed are provided, however they do not cover the process of calculating fares.


The fares data is held in a number of plain-text, fixed-format files:

File type Contents Extension
Fares Point-to-point adult fares in a clustered format FFL
Station clusters Station clusters and the locations in those clusters FSC
Non-derivable fares Point-to-point adult and child fares which cannot be discounted in the normal way NDF
Non-derivable fare overrides Amendments to the non-derivable fares file NFO
Non-standard discounts Adjustments to fares where non-standard discounts apply FNS
Ticket types Ticket codes, their type, class and other information TTY
Ticket validities Validity codes and validity periods TVL
Journey segments Codes used for LUL magnetic stripe encoding TJS
Ticket publication data Ordering information for tickets when published in the former National Fares Manual TPB
Print formats Details of the text to be printed on supplement vouchers TPN
Class legends Text to be printed on ATB or credit-card sized tickets TCL
Rail Rovers Rail Rovers and prices TRR
Packages Packages and details of inclusive supplements TPK
Supplements Supplements and rules SUP
Railcards Railcards and minimum fares RCM
Status discounts Information used to discount child fares, or where a railcard is used DIS
Rounding rules Rules to be used when fares are subject to a discount FRR
Restrictions Applicable restrictions, including train, time, railcard and date restrictions RST
Locations Locations, including group locations LOC
Routes Route descriptions and the locations included/excluded from the routing RTE
TOCs TOC codes and descriptions TOC
TOC-specific tickets Tickets which are available on trains of particular TOCs only TSP
Advance Purchase tickets Details of tickets for Advance Purchase and their booking horizon TAP
Fares Data A list of files generated by the Fares Data Feed process for this export DAT

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