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Activity codes are listed in CIF, JSON and Darwin timetable files.

Activity Description
-D Stops to detach vehicles
-T Stops to attach and detach vehicles
-U Stops to attach vehicles
A Stops or shunts for other trains to pass
AE Attach/Detach assisting locomotive
AX Shows as 'X' on arrival
BL Stops for banking locomotive
C Stops to change traincrew
D Stops to set down passengers (shows 's' in GBTT)
E Stops for examination
G GBPRTT Data to add
H Notional activity to prevent WTT columns merge
HH As H, to prevent WTT column merge where 3rd Column
K Passenger count point
KC Ticket collection and examination point
KE Ticket examination point
KF Ticket examination point - first class only
KS Selective Ticket Examination Point
L Stops to change locomotive
N Stop not advertised
OP Stops for other operating reasons
OR Train Locomotive on rear
PR Propelling between points shown
R Stops when required (shows 'x' in GBTT)
RM Stops for reversing move or driver changes ends
RR Stops for locomotive to run round train
S Stops for Railway Personnel Only
T Stops to Take Up and Set Down passengers
TB Train Begins (Origin)
TF Train Finishes (Destination)
TS Activity requested for TOPS reporting purposes
TW Stops or passes for tablet, staff or token
U Stops to take up passengers (shows 'u' in GBTT)
W Stops for watering of coaches
X Passes another train at crossing point on a single line

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