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Your account may be in one of three states:

  • Pending - you have registered with the service. You can subscribe to feeds through the user interface, but you cannot download any data until your account is active. This will happen when there is sufficient capacity available.
  • Active - your account is active, and you can subscribe to feeds and download data.
  • Inactive - your account has not been used for 30 days or more, and you cannot connect. The resources which were allocated to you have been made available to other users. You can request your account be reactivated if there is sufficient capacity on the system.

If your account is inactive, you will see the following after logging in:

An inactive user account

To re-activate your account, click Add to Pending state. This will place your account in a queue for activation - if there is spare capacity on the system, your account will be reactivated within 1 hour.

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