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Timetable data is released by Rail Settlement Plan periodically, and can be downloaded from the ATOC Industry Data site.

The ATOC Timetable feed contains the timetable, and information useful for journey planning (e.g. minimum interchange times)

The format is documented in RSPS5046.


The fares data is held in a number of plain-text, fixed-format files:

File type Contents Extension
Contents Manifest of all files contained in ZIP except DAT DAT
Full basic timetable details All timetable details in TTIS CIF format MCA
Daily updates to timetable details (omitted) CFA
TTIS Reject (omitted) REJ
Z-trains "Quasi-CIF" format file containing details of bus and ferry transport ZTR
CIF set details (no longer used) SET
Fixed links Details of links between stations involving transfer other than by rail FLF
Additional fixed links Details of additional fixed links ALF
TOC-specific interchange times Minimum interchange times at stations TSI
Master Station Names CRS codes, names, and grid references of stations MSN

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