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The CIF Header record (HD) occurs at the start of the file and provides information such as when the file was generated and, for update extracts, the file reference of the last file that was processed. This is important, as CIF update extracts must be processed in order, as they are effectively set of changes since the last extract generated for a particular profile.

Record Format


Record Fields

Field Format Length Example Value Comments
Record Identity String 2 HD Always HD
File Mainframe Identity String 20 TPS.UDFROC1.PD150306
Date of Extract Date (DDMMYY) 6 060315
Time of Extract Time (HHMM) 4 2151
Current File Reference String 7 DFROC1R The last character increments from A through to Z. The file reference remains unique for a maximum of 26 extract files.
Last File Reference String 7 DFROC1Q
Update Indicator U/F 1 U U = Update Extract, F = Full Extract
Version Char 1 A
User Start Date Date (DDMMYY) 6 060315
User End Date Date (DDMMYY) 6 050316
Spare String 20 (empty space)

CIF HD (Header) • ZZ (End of File)
Association AA (Association)
Location BS (Basic Schedule) BX (Basic Schedule Extended) LO (Location Origin) LI (Location Intermediate) CR (Change-en-Route) LT (Location Terminate)