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G4 - WSSC Motherwell/Carstairs Area WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

Below are the S-class definitions for the G4 TD. Last updated March 2023.

Address Identity
G400:0 R361AM
G400:1 R361BS
G400:2 R366AM
G400:3 R368AM
G400:4 R368AC
G400:5 R368BM
G400:6 R368CS
G400:7 R369AM
G401:0 R371AS
G401:1 R371BS
G401:2 R372AS
G401:3 R373AS
G401:4 R373BS
G401:5 R374AS(P)
G401:6 R374AS(NP)
G401:7 R374BS
G402:0 R374CS
G402:1 R374DS
G402:2 R374ES
G402:3 R375AS
G402:4 R375BS
G402:5 R377AS
G402:6 R377BS
G402:7 R379AS
G403:0 R379BS
G403:1 R386AM
G403:2 R386AW
G403:3 R388AS
G403:4 R388BM
G403:5 R388BC
G403:6 R388CM
G403:7 R388CC
G404:0 R392AM
G404:1 R392AC
G404:2 R392BM
G404:3 R392BC
G404:4 R393A(PS)
G404:5 R394AM
G404:6 R394AC
G404:7 R394B-1M
G405:0 R394B-1C
G405:1 R394B-2M
G405:2 R394B-2C
G405:3 R394CM
G405:4 R394CC
G405:5 R394DS(P)
G405:6 R394DS(NP)
G405:7 R396AS(P)
G406:0 R396AS(NP)
G406:1 R396B-1S(P)
G406:2 R396B-1S(NP)
G406:3 R396B-2S(P)
G406:4 R396B-2S(NP)
G406:5 R396CS(P)
G406:6 R396CS(NP)
G406:7 R396DS(P)
G407:0 R396DS(NP)
G407:1 R397AS
G407:2 R397BS(P)
G407:3 R397BS(NP)
G407:4 R397CS
G407:5 R397DS(P)
G407:6 R397DS(NP)
G407:7 R398AM
G408:0 R398AC
G408:1 R398B-1M
G408:2 R398B-1C
G408:3 R398B-2M
G408:4 R398B-2C
G408:5 R398CM
G408:6 R398CC
G408:7 R398DS(P)
G409:0 R398DS(NP)
G409:1 R399AM
G409:2 R399BS
G409:3 R399C-1S
G409:4 R399C-2S
G409:5 R399D-1M
G409:6 R399D-1C
G409:7 R399D-2M
G40A:0 R399D-2C
G40A:1 R399E-1M
G40A:2 R399E-2M
G40A:3 R401AM
G40A:4 R401BS
G40A:5 R401C-1S
G40A:6 R401C-2S
G40A:7 R401D-1M
G40B:0 R401D-1C
G40B:1 R401D-2M
G40B:2 R401D-2C
G40B:3 R401E-1M
G40B:4 R401E-2M
G40B:5 R402AS(P)
G40B:6 R402AS(NP)
G40B:7 R402BS(P)
G40C:0 R402BS(NP)
G40C:1 R402CS(P)
G40C:2 R402CS(NP)
G40C:3 R403AM
G40C:4 R403BS
G40C:5 R403CS
G40C:6 R403DM
G40C:7 R403DC
G40D:0 R403EM
G40D:1 R404AS(P)
G40D:2 R404AS(NP)
G40D:3 R405AS
G40D:4 R405BM
G40D:5 R405CS
G40D:6 R405DS
G40D:7 R405EM
G40E:0 R405EC
G40E:1 R405FM
G40E:2 R406AS
G40E:3 R407AM
G40E:4 R408AS(P)
G40E:5 R408AS(NP)
G40E:6 R408BS(P)
G40E:7 R408BS(NP)
G40F:0 R408CS(P)
G40F:1 R408CS(NP)
G40F:2 R409AM
G40F:3 R409BS
G40F:4 R411AS
G40F:5 R411BS
G40F:6 R412AS(P)
G40F:7 R412AS(NP)
G410:0 R412BM
G410:1 R416AM
G410:2 R422AS(P)
G410:3 R422AS(NP)
G410:4 R422BM
G410:5 R423AM
G410:6 R423AW
G410:7 R426AM
G411:0 R427AM
G411:1 R428AS
G411:2 R429AS(P)
G411:3 R429AS(NP)
G411:4 R432AS
G411:5 R432BS(P)
G411:6 R432BS(NP)
G411:7 R434AS(P)
G412:0 R434AS(NP)
G412:1 R435AS(P)
G412:2 R435AS(NP)
G412:3 R435BS
G412:4 R437AS
G412:5 R437BS
G412:6 R442AM
G412:7 R442BM
G413:0 R444AM
G413:1 R444BM
G413:2 R445AM
G413:3 R445BS(P)
G413:4 R445BS(NP)
G413:5 R462AM
G413:6 R462BM
G413:7 R464AM
G414:0 R464BM
G414:1 R464CM
G414:2 R464CC
G414:3 R467AM
G414:4 R473AM
G414:5 R474AM
G414:6 R475AM
G414:7 R476AM
G415:0 R477AS(P)
G415:1 R477AS(NP)
G415:2 R477BS
G415:3 R483AM
G415:4 R483BM
G415:5 R484AM
G415:6 R493AM
G415:7 R494AM
G416:0 R494BM
G416:1 R495AM
G416:2 R498AM
G416:3 R498BM
G416:4 R499AM
G416:5 R514AM
G416:6 R516AM
G416:7 R517AM
G417:0 R517BM
G417:1 R519AM
G417:2 R519BM
G417:3 R601AM
G417:4 R604AM
G417:5 R606AM
G417:6 R607AM
G417:7 R622AM
G418:0 R623AM
G418:1 R624AM
G418:2 R625AM
G418:3 R5261M
G418:4 R5262M
G418:5 R5331M
G418:6 R5341M
G418:7 R5371M
G419:0 R5411M
G419:1 R5412M
G419:2 R5421M
G419:3 R5422S
G419:4 R5431M
G419:5 R5432M
G419:6 R5441M
G419:7 R5461M
G41A:0 R5471M
G41A:1 R5472M
G41A:2 R5721M
G41A:3 R5722M
G41A:4 R5723M
G41A:5 R5731M
G41A:6 R5771M
G41A:7 R5781M
G41B:0 R5791M
G41B:1 R5821M
G41B:2 R5821C
G41B:3 R5822M
G41B:4 R5822C
G41B:5 R5831M
G41B:6 R5851M
G41B:7 S361OFF
G41C:0 S366OFF
G41C:1 S368OFF
G41C:2 S369OFF
G41C:3 S371OFF
G41C:4 S372OFF
G41C:5 S373OFF
G41C:6 S374OFF
G41C:7 S375OFF
G41D:0 S377OFF
G41D:1 S379OFF
G41D:2 S386OFF
G41D:3 S388OFF
G41D:4 S392OFF
G41D:5 S393OFF
G41D:6 S394OFF
G41D:7 S396OFF
G41E:0 S397OFF
G41E:1 S398OFF
G41E:2 S399OFF
G41E:3 S401OFF
G41E:4 S402OFF
G41E:5 S403OFF
G41E:6 S404OFF
G41E:7 S405OFF
G41F:0 S406OFF
G41F:1 S407OFF
G41F:2 S408OFF
G41F:3 S409OFF
G41F:4 S411OFF
G41F:5 S412OFF
G41F:6 S416OFF
G41F:7 S422OFF
G420:0 S423OFF
G420:1 S426OFF
G420:2 S427OFF
G420:3 S428OFF
G420:4 S429OFF
G420:5 S432OFF
G420:6 S434OFF
G420:7 S435OFF
G421:0 S437OFF
G421:1 S442OFF
G421:2 S444OFF
G421:3 S445OFF
G421:4 S462OFF
G421:5 S464OFF
G421:6 S467OFF
G421:7 S473OFF
G422:0 S474OFF
G422:1 S475OFF
G422:2 S476OFF
G422:3 S477OFF
G422:4 S483OFF
G422:5 S484OFF
G422:6 S493OFF
G422:7 S494OFF
G423:0 S495OFF
G423:1 S498OFF
G423:2 S499OFF
G423:3 S514OFF
G423:4 S516OFF
G423:5 S517OFF
G423:6 S519OFF
G423:7 S601OFF
G424:0 S604OFF
G424:1 S606OFF
G424:2 S607OFF
G424:3 S622OFF
G424:4 S623OFF
G424:5 S624OFF
G424:6 S625OFF
G424:7 S526OFF
G425:0 S533OFF
G425:1 S534OFF
G425:2 S537OFF
G425:3 S541OFF
G425:4 S542OFF
G425:5 S543OFF
G425:6 S544OFF
G425:7 S546OFF
G426:0 S547OFF
G426:1 S572OFF
G426:2 S573OFF
G426:3 S577OFF
G426:4 S578OFF
G426:5 S579OFF
G426:6 S582OFF
G426:7 S583OFF
G427:0 S585OFF
G427:1 T248
G427:2 T254
G427:3 T256
G427:4 T260
G427:5 T264
G427:6 T266
G427:7 T269
G428:0 T273
G428:1 T277
G428:2 T323
G428:3 T324
G428:4 T325
G428:5 T326
G428:6 T327
G428:7 T328
G429:0 T329
G429:1 T330
G429:2 T332
G429:3 T333
G429:4 T335
G429:5 T338
G429:6 T343
G429:7 T346
G42A:0 T347
G42A:1 T352
G42A:2 T354
G42A:3 T355
G42A:4 T357
G42A:5 T363
G42A:6 T364
G42A:7 T368
G42B:0 T395
G42B:1 T403
G42B:2 T414
G42B:3 T415
G42B:4 T417
G42B:5 T419
G42B:6 T422
G42B:7 T425
G42C:0 T426
G42C:1 T427
G42C:2 T428
G42C:3 T429
G42C:4 T430
G42C:5 T431
G42C:6 T432
G42C:7 T433
G42D:0 T435
G42D:1 T436
G42D:2 T437
G42D:3 T439
G42D:4 T442
G42D:5 T444
G42D:6 T445
G42D:7 T448
G42E:0 T451
G42E:1 T452
G42E:2 T454
G42E:3 T456
G42E:4 T457
G42E:5 T458
G42E:6 T464
G42E:7 T474
G42F:0 T478
G42F:1 T479
G42F:2 T481
G42F:3 T482
G42F:4 T484
G42F:5 T489
G42F:6 T493
G42F:7 T494
G430:0 T503
G430:1 T507
G430:2 T519
G430:3 T523
G430:4 T525
G430:5 T527
G430:6 T528
G430:7 T529
G431:0 T532
G431:1 T535
G431:2 T536
G431:3 T538
G431:4 T539
G431:5 T540
G431:6 T543
G431:7 T544
G432:0 T546
G432:1 T547
G432:2 T548
G432:3 T549
G432:4 T557
G432:5 T559
G432:6 T562
G432:7 T563
G433:0 T570
G433:1 T574
G433:2 T576
G433:3 T578
G433:4 T582
G433:5 T584
G433:6 T586
G433:7 T590
G434:0 T592
G434:1 T594
G434:2 T596
G434:3 T598
G434:4 T600
G434:5 T604
G434:6 T608
G434:7 T944
G435:0 T946
G435:1 T949
G435:2 T950
G435:3 T952
G435:4 T954
G435:5 T955
G435:6 T956
G435:7 T957
G436:0 T958
G436:1 T959
G436:2 T961
G436:3 T962
G436:4 T963
G436:5 T964
G436:6 T967
G436:7 T968
G437:0 T969
G437:1 T970
G437:2 T971
G437:3 T972
G437:4 T976
G437:5 T977
G437:6 T979
G437:7 T980
G438:0 T981
G438:1 T982
G438:2 T986
G438:3 T945
G438:4 T947
G438:5 T614
G438:6 SPARE56-6
G438:7 SPARE56-7
G439:0 RC399AM
G439:1 RC400AS
G439:2 RC400BM
G439:3 RC401A-1M
G439:4 RC401A-2M
G439:5 RC402AS
G439:6 RC402ASP
G439:7 RC403AM
G43A:0 RC404AM
G43A:1 RC404BM
G43A:2 RC404CM
G43A:3 RC405AM
G43A:4 RC406AS
G43A:5 RC406BM
G43A:6 RC406CC
G43A:7 RC406CM
G43B:0 RC408AC
G43B:1 RC408AM
G43B:2 RC408BC
G43B:3 RC408BM
G43B:4 RC409AM
G43B:5 RC410AM
G43B:6 RC410BS
G43B:7 RC411AM
G43C:0 RC411ASP
G43C:1 RC411BM
G43C:2 RC411BSP
G43C:3 RC412AM
G43C:4 RC412B-1M
G43C:5 RC412B-2M
G43C:6 RC412C-1M
G43C:7 RC412C-2M
G43D:0 RC412DM
G43D:1 RC413AM
G43D:2 RC413ASP
G43D:3 RC414AM
G43D:4 RC414BM
G43D:5 RC415AM
G43D:6 RC416AM
G43D:7 RC416BM
G43E:0 RC417AM
G43E:1 RC418AS
G43E:2 RC418BC
G43E:3 RC418BM
G43E:4 RC418CC
G43E:5 RC418CM
G43E:6 RC418DM
G43E:7 RC419AS
G43F:0 RC419ASP
G43F:1 RC419BS
G43F:2 RC419BSP
G43F:3 RC420AS
G43F:4 RC420BS
G43F:5 RC420CS
G43F:6 RC421AS
G43F:7 RC422AM
G440:0 RC423AS
G440:1 RC424AM
G440:2 RC425AS
G440:3 RC426AM
G440:4 RC426BM
G440:5 RC427AM
G440:6 RC428AM
G440:7 RC428BM
G441:0 RC429AM
G441:1 RC430AS
G441:2 RC431AM
G441:3 RC432AM
G441:4 RC433AM
G441:5 RC435AM
G441:6 RC435BM
G441:7 RC436AM
G442:0 RC437AS
G442:1 RC437ASP
G442:2 RC437BS
G442:3 RC437BSP
G442:4 RC437CS
G442:5 RC439AM
G442:6 RC439BM
G442:7 RC439CM
G443:0 RC439DM
G443:1 RC440AM
G443:2 RC441AM
G443:3 RC5221M
G443:4 RC5222M
G443:5 RC5231M
G443:6 RC5241M
G443:7 RC5251M
G444:0 RC5261M
G444:1 RC5271M
G444:2 RC5272M
G444:3 RC6091M
G444:4 RC6121M
G444:5 RC6122M
G444:6 RC6131M
G444:7 RC6141S
G445:0 RC6142S
G445:1 RC6151M
G445:2 RC6161M
G445:3 RC6181M
G445:4 RC6221S
G445:5 RC6241S
G445:6 RC6251M
G445:7 RC6252M
G446:0 RC7161S
G446:1 RC7162S
G446:2 RC7163S
G446:3 RC7181M
G446:4 RC7182M
G446:5 RC7191M
G446:6 RC7201S
G446:7 RC7211M
G447:0 RC7221M
G447:1 RC7231M
G447:2 RC7241M
G447:3 RC7251S
G447:4 RC7252S
G447:5 RC7253S
G447:6 RC7281S
G447:7 RC7291S
G448:0 RC7292S
G448:1 RC7293S
G448:2 RC7301S
G448:3 RC7311M
G448:4 RC7312M
G448:5 RC7321M
G448:6 RC8221M
G448:7 RC8222M
G449:0 RC8231M
G449:1 RC8241M
G449:2 RC8251M
G449:3 RC8261M
G449:4 RC8271M
G449:5 RC8272M
G449:6 RC8601M
G449:7 RC8611M
G44A:0 SC356OFF
G44A:1 SC362OFF
G44A:2 SC399OFF
G44A:3 SC400OFF
G44A:4 SC401OFF
G44A:5 SC402OFF
G44A:6 SC403OFF
G44A:7 SC404OFF
G44B:0 SC405OFF
G44B:1 SC406OFF
G44B:2 SC408OFF
G44B:3 SC409OFF
G44B:4 SC410OFF
G44B:5 SC411OFF
G44B:6 SC412OFF
G44B:7 SC413OFF
G44C:0 SC414OFF
G44C:1 SC415OFF
G44C:2 SC416OFF
G44C:3 SC417OFF
G44C:4 SC418OFF
G44C:5 SC419OFF
G44C:6 SC420OFF
G44C:7 SC421OFF
G44D:0 SC422OFF
G44D:1 SC423OFF
G44D:2 SC424OFF
G44D:3 SC425OFF
G44D:4 SC426OFF
G44D:5 SC427OFF
G44D:6 SC428OFF
G44D:7 SC429OFF
G44E:0 SC430OFF
G44E:1 SC431OFF
G44E:2 SC432OFF
G44E:3 SC433OFF
G44E:4 SC435OFF
G44E:5 SC436OFF
G44E:6 SC437OFF
G44E:7 SC439OFF
G44F:0 SC440OFF
G44F:1 SC441OFF
G44F:2 SC442OFF
G44F:3 SC443OFF
G44F:4 SC444OFF
G44F:5 SC448OFF
G44F:6 SC449OFF
G44F:7 SC458OFF
G450:0 SC459OFF
G450:1 SC506OFF
G450:2 SC509OFF
G450:3 SC514OFF
G450:4 SC515OFF
G450:5 SC521OFF
G450:6 SC522OFF
G450:7 SC523OFF
G451:0 SC524OFF
G451:1 SC525OFF
G451:2 SC526OFF
G451:3 SC527OFF
G451:4 SC528OFF
G451:5 SC534OFF
G451:6 SC535OFF
G451:7 SC574OFF
G452:0 SC602OFF
G452:1 SC603OFF
G452:2 SC607OFF
G452:3 SC609OFF
G452:4 SC612OFF
G452:5 SC613OFF
G452:6 SC614OFF
G452:7 SC615OFF
G453:0 SC616OFF
G453:1 SC618OFF
G453:2 SC622OFF
G453:3 SC624OFF
G453:4 SC625OFF
G453:5 SC626OFF
G453:6 SC630OFF
G453:7 SC633OFF
G454:0 SC638OFF
G454:1 SC703OFF
G454:2 SC710OFF
G454:3 SC715OFF
G454:4 SC716OFF
G454:5 SC718OFF
G454:6 SC719OFF
G454:7 SC720OFF
G455:0 SC721OFF
G455:1 SC722OFF
G455:2 SC723OFF
G455:3 SC724OFF
G455:4 SC725OFF
G455:5 SC728OFF
G455:6 SC729OFF
G455:7 SC730OFF
G456:0 SC731OFF
G456:1 SC732OFF
G456:2 SC734OFF
G456:3 SC738OFF
G456:4 SC741OFF
G456:5 SC746OFF
G456:6 SC747OFF
G456:7 SC802OFF
G457:0 SC803OFF
G457:1 SC812OFF
G457:2 SC813OFF
G457:3 SC819OFF
G457:4 SC822OFF
G457:5 SC823OFF
G457:6 SC824OFF
G457:7 SC825OFF
G458:0 SC826OFF
G458:1 SC827OFF
G458:2 SC828OFF
G458:3 SC831OFF
G458:4 SC840OFF
G458:5 SC843OFF
G458:6 SC847OFF
G458:7 SC848OFF
G459:0 SC851OFF
G459:1 SC853OFF
G459:2 SC854OFF
G459:3 SC859OFF
G459:4 SC860OFF
G459:5 SC861OFF
G459:6 SC862OFF
G459:7 T(CE)625
G45A:0 T(CE)626
G45A:1 T575
G45A:2 T577
G45A:3 T579
G45A:4 T591
G45A:5 T601
G45A:6 T616
G45A:7 T611
G45B:0 T621
G45B:1 T643
G45B:2 T647
G45B:3 T653
G45B:4 T655
G45B:5 T657
G45B:6 T659
G45B:7 T663
G45C:0 T665
G45C:1 T667
G45C:2 T668
G45C:3 T669
G45C:4 T671
G45C:5 T672
G45C:6 T673
G45C:7 T674
G45D:0 T675
G45D:1 T676
G45D:2 T678
G45D:3 T682
G45D:4 T684
G45D:5 T686
G45D:6 T688
G45D:7 T692
G45E:0 T694
G45E:1 T696
G45E:2 T698
G45E:3 TC982
G45E:4 T983
G45E:5 T984
G45E:6 TC986
G45E:7 T987
G45F:0 T991
G45F:1 T992
G45F:2 T993
G45F:3 T994
G45F:4 T995
G45F:5 T679
G45F:6 T683
G45F:7 T685
G460:0 T687
G460:1 T689
G460:2 T693
G460:3 T695
G460:4 T697
G460:5 T997
G460:6 T699
G460:7 T701
G461:0 T703
G461:1 T706
G461:2 T707
G461:3 T708
G461:4 T709
G461:5 T712
G461:6 T713
G461:7 T714
G462:0 T715
G462:1 T716
G462:2 T717
G462:3 T718
G462:4 T719
G462:5 T722
G462:6 T723
G462:7 T724
G463:0 T725
G463:1 T726
G463:2 T727
G463:3 T728
G463:4 T729
G463:5 T732
G463:6 T733
G463:7 T734
G464:0 T735
G464:1 T738
G464:2 T742
G464:3 T744
G464:4 T746
G464:5 T748
G464:6 T752
G464:7 T754
G465:0 T756
G465:1 T758
G465:2 T762
G465:3 T764
G465:4 T737
G465:5 T739
G465:6 T743
G465:7 T745
G466:0 T747
G466:1 T749
G466:2 T751
G466:3 T753
G466:4 T755
G466:5 T757
G466:6 T759
G466:7 T763
G467:0 T765
G467:1 T766
G467:2 T767
G467:3 T768
G467:4 T769
G467:5 T772
G467:6 T773
G467:7 T774
G468:0 T775
G468:1 T776
G468:2 T777
G468:3 T778
G468:4 T782
G468:5 T784
G468:6 T786
G468:7 T788
G469:0 T792
G469:1 T794
G469:2 T796
G469:3 T798
G469:4 T802
G469:5 T804
G469:6 T779
G469:7 T783
G46A:0 T785
G46A:1 T787
G46A:2 T789
G46A:3 T793
G46A:4 T795
G46A:5 T797
G46A:6 T799
G46A:7 T805
G46B:0 T806
G46B:1 T807
G46B:2 T808
G46B:3 T809
G46B:4 T812
G46B:5 T814
G46B:6 T816
G46B:7 T817
G46C:0 T818
G46C:1 T819
G46C:2 T822
G46C:3 T823
G46C:4 T824
G46C:5 T826
G46C:6 T828
G46C:7 T832
G46D:0 T833
G46D:1 T834
G46D:2 T836
G46D:3 T837
G46D:4 T838
G46D:5 T839
G46D:6 T843
G46D:7 T844
G46E:0 T845
G46E:1 T846
G46E:2 T847
G46E:3 T848
G46E:4 T849
G46E:5 T852
G46E:6 T853
G46E:7 T854
G46F:0 T855
G46F:1 T856
G46F:2 T857
G46F:3 T858
G46F:4 T862
G46F:5 T864
G46F:6 T866
G46F:7 T859
G470:0 T865
G470:1 T869
G470:2 T872
G470:3 T873
G470:4 T875
G470:5 T877
G470:6 T878
G470:7 T879
G471:0 T882
G471:1 T883
G471:2 T884
G471:3 T885
G471:4 T886
G471:5 T887
G471:6 T888
G471:7 T889
G472:0 T892
G472:1 T893
G472:2 T894
G472:3 T895
G472:4 T896
G472:5 T897
G472:6 T898
G472:7 T899
G473:0 T901
G473:1 T902
G473:2 T903
G473:3 T904
G473:4 T905
G473:5 T906
G473:6 T907
G473:7 T908
G474:0 T909
G474:1 T910
G474:2 T911
G474:3 T912
G474:4 T913
G474:5 T914
G474:6 T915
G474:7 T916
G475:0 T917
G475:1 T918
G475:2 T919
G475:3 T922
G475:4 T923
G475:5 T924
G475:6 T925
G475:7 T926
G476:0 T927
G476:1 T928
G476:2 T929
G476:3 T932
G476:4 T933
G476:5 T934
G476:6 T935
G476:7 T936
G477:0 T937
G477:1 T938
G477:2 T939
G477:3 T941
G477:4 T942
G477:5 T943
G477:6 TC944
G477:7 TC945
G478:0 TC946
G478:1 TC947
G478:2 T948
G478:3 TC949
G478:4 TC952
G478:5 T953
G478:6 TC954
G478:7 TC955
G479:0 TC956
G479:1 TC957
G479:2 TC958
G479:3 TC959
G479:4 TC963
G479:5 TC964
G479:6 T965
G479:7 T966
G47A:0 TC968
G47A:1 T6115
G47A:2 T6117
G47A:3 T6129
G47A:4 T6131
G47A:5 T6133
G47A:6 T6135
G47A:7 T6143
G47B:0 T6145
G47B:1 T6155
G47B:2 T6220
G47B:3 T6222
G47B:4 T6234
G47B:5 T6236
G47B:6 T6238
G47B:7 T6248
G47C:0 T6310
G47C:1 T6311
G47C:2 T6312
G47C:3 T6315
G47C:4 T6316
G47C:5 T6317
G47C:6 T6318
G47C:7 T6319
G47D:0 T6320
G47D:1 T6322
G47D:2 T6326
G47D:3 T6331
G47D:4 T6410
G47D:5 T6412
G47D:6 T6414
G47D:7 T6422
G47E:0 T6424
G47E:1 T6513
G47E:2 T6517
G47E:3 T6521
G47E:4 T6523
G47E:5 T6614
G47E:6 T6622
G47E:7 T6624
G47F:0 L411TRS
G47F:1 L413TRS
G47F:2 L414TRS
G47F:3 L416TRS

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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