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WJ - Wembley Mainline (Watford) WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

Below are the S-class definitions that have been worked out for the WJ TD. Please feel free to add to this.

These items are 'assumed', they have either not been observed or not been fully confirmed.

Address Identity
WJ00:0 R140A
WJ00:1 R161A
WJ00:2 R363
WJ00:3 R163A
WJ00:4 R163B
WJ00:5 R163C
WJ00:6 R165A
WJ01:1 R365CM
WJ01:2 R365DM
WJ01:3 R365EM
WJ01:4 R365EC
WJ01:5 R365FM
WJ01:6 R365GS
WJ01:7 R854AS
WJ02:0 R854BM
WJ02:1 R854CM
WJ02:3 R1301BS
WJ02:4 R1301CS
WJ02:5 R1301DS
WJ02:6 R1301ES(P)
WJ02:7 R1301FS
WJ03:0 R1301GS
WJ03:1 R1301ES(NP)
WJ03:6 R1303DS
WJ03:7 R1303ES(P)
WJ04:0 R1303FS
WJ04:1 R1303GS
WJ04:2 R1303ES(NP)
WJ04:3 R1305A
WJ04:4 R168A
WJ04:5 R372A
WJ04:6 R372B
WJ04:7 R374A
WJ05:0 R374B
WJ05:3 R526CM
WJ05:5 R530B-1M
WJ05:6 R530B-2M
WJ05:7 R856A
WJ06:0 R856B
WJ06:1 R3113A
WJ06:2 R9815A
WJ06:4 R3120A
WJ06:5 R3120B-1
WJ06:6 R3120B-2
WJ06:7 R3120C
WJ07:0 R3122A
WJ07:1 R5117A
WJ07:2 R5117B
WJ07:3 R9819A
WJ07:4 R5122AM
WJ07:5 R5122AW
WJ07:6 R1406A
WJ07:7 R1406B
WJ08:0 R1406C
WJ08:1 R1408A
WJ08:2 R1408B
WJ08:3 R4100A
WJ08:4 R5128A
WJ08:5 R5132AM
WJ08:6 R5132AC
WJ08:7 R5132BM
WJ09:0 R1411A
WJ09:1 R3120D
WJ09:2 R338BM
WJ09:3 R338BC
WJ09:4 R338CM
WJ09:5 R338CC
WJ09:6 R338DM
WJ09:7 R338DC
WJ0A:0 R338EM
WJ0A:1 R338ES
WJ0A:2 R338FM
WJ0A:3 R339A
WJ0A:4 R339B
WJ0A:5 R340
WJ0A:6 R341
WJ0A:7 R342
WJ0B:0 R343A
WJ0B:1 R343B
WJ0B:2 R392BM
WJ0B:3 R392BC
WJ0B:4 R392CM
WJ0B:5 R392CC
WJ0B:6 R392DM
WJ0B:7 R392DC
WJ0C:0 R392EM
WJ0C:1 R392ES
WJ0C:2 R392FM
WJ0C:3 R493A
WJ0C:4 R493B
WJ0C:5 R495
WJ0C:6 R791A
WJ0C:7 R791B
WJ0D:0 R793AM
WJ0D:1 R793BM
WJ0D:2 R829M
WJ0D:3 R931M
WJ0D:4 R933A
WJ0D:5 R933B
WJ0D:6 R936AM
WJ0D:7 R936BM
WJ0E:0 R338AS
WJ0E:1 R392AS
WJ0E:2 R793AS
WJ0E:3 R793BS
WJ0E:4 R793CS
WJ0E:5 R793DS
WJ0E:6 R793ES
WJ0E:7 R829S
WJ0F:0 R931S
WJ0F:1 R936AS
WJ0F:2 R936BS
WJ0F:3 R1251A
WJ0F:4 R1251B
WJ0F:5 R1251B(PS)
WJ0F:6 R1252
WJ0F:7 R1254
WJ10:0 R1256
WJ10:2 R130
WJ10:3 R138A
WJ10:4 R138B
WJ10:5 R139
WJ11:0 S140
WJ11:1 S141
WJ11:2 S142
WJ11:3 S143
WJ11:4 S144
WJ11:5 S145
WJ11:6 S147
WJ11:7 S148
WJ12:0 S149
WJ12:1 S151
WJ12:2 S153
WJ12:3 S154
WJ12:4 S157
WJ12:5 S158
WJ12:6 S344
WJ12:7 S345
WJ13:0 S346
WJ13:1 S347
WJ13:2 S348
WJ13:3 S349
WJ13:4 S350
WJ13:5 S351
WJ13:6 S353
WJ13:7 S355
WJ14:0 S356
WJ14:1 S357
WJ14:2 S359
WJ14:3 S360
WJ14:4 S159
WJ14:5 S361
WJ14:6 S160
WJ14:7 S362
WJ15:0 S161
WJ15:1 S363
WJ15:2 S162
WJ15:3 S364
WJ15:4 S163
WJ15:5 S365
WJ15:6 S1301
WJ15:7 S1303
WJ16:0 S1305
WJ16:1 S165
WJ16:2 S854
WJ16:3 S526
WJ16:4 S168
WJ16:5 S374
WJ16:6 S530
WJ16:7 S372
WJ17:0 S856
WJ17:1 S3113
WJ17:3 S5117
WJ17:4 S1406
WJ17:5 S1408
WJ17:7 S9815
WJ18:0 S9819
WJ18:1 S3120
WJ18:2 S3119
WJ18:3 S3122
WJ18:4 S3121
WJ18:5 S3124
WJ18:6 S3123
WJ18:7 S5122
WJ19:0 S5121
WJ19:1 S5124
WJ19:2 S5123
WJ19:3 S5126
WJ19:4 S5125
WJ19:5 S1411
WJ19:6 S3126
WJ19:7 S5128
WJ1A:0 S4100
WJ1A:1 S3125
WJ1A:2 S5127
WJ1A:3 S3130
WJ1A:4 S5132
WJ1A:5 S3129
WJ1A:6 S5131
WJ1A:7 S3132
WJ1B:0 S5134
WJ1B:1 S3131
WJ1B:2 S5133
WJ1B:4 S338
WJ1B:5 S339
WJ1B:6 S340
WJ1B:7 S341
WJ1C:0 S342
WJ1C:1 S343
WJ1C:2 S392
WJ1C:3 S493
WJ1C:4 S495
WJ1C:5 S791
WJ1C:6 S793
WJ1C:7 S829
WJ1D:0 S931
WJ1D:1 S933
WJ1D:2 S936
WJ1D:3 S1251
WJ1D:4 S1252
WJ1D:5 S1254
WJ1D:6 S1256
WJ1E:0 S130
WJ1E:1 S132
WJ1E:2 S133
WJ1E:3 S134
WJ1E:4 S135
WJ1E:5 S136
WJ1E:6 S137
WJ1E:7 S138
WJ1F:0 S139

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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