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Y8 - YKROC Kings Cross North WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

As of 17/02/24 this table is no longer valid due to TD changes.

Below are the S-class definitions for the Y8 TD. Last updated February 2023.

Address Identity
Y800:0 RK244-1S
Y800:1 RK244-2S
Y800:2 RK244-3S
Y800:3 RK245-1S
Y800:4 RK245-2S
Y800:5 RK245-3S
Y800:6 RK246-1S
Y800:7 RK246-2S
Y801:0 RK246-3S
Y801:1 RK249-1S
Y801:2 RK249-2S
Y801:3 RK249-3S
Y801:4 RK253-1S
Y801:5 RK253-2S
Y801:6 RK975-1M
Y801:7 RK977-1M/5S
Y802:0 RK977-2M/6S
Y802:1 RK977-4S
Y802:2 RK978-1M
Y802:3 RK978-3S
Y802:4 RK978-4S
Y802:5 RK980-1M
Y802:6 RK981-1M
Y802:7 RK982-1M/3S
Y803:0 RK983-1M
Y803:1 RK984-1M/4S
Y803:2 RK986-1M
Y803:3 RK986-2M
Y803:4 RK237-1S
Y803:5 RK237-2S
Y803:6 RK238-1S
Y803:7 RK238-2S
Y804:0 RK238-3S
Y804:1 RK239-1S
Y804:2 RK239-2S
Y804:3 RK239-3S
Y804:4 RK240-1S
Y804:5 RK240-2S
Y804:6 RK240-3S
Y804:7 RK242-1S
Y805:0 RK947-1M
Y805:1 RK949-1M
Y805:2 RK949-3S
Y805:3 RK949-4S
Y805:4 RK951-1M
Y805:5 RK952-1M
Y805:6 RK953-1M
Y805:7 RK954-1M
Y806:0 RK954-3S
Y806:1 RK955-1M
Y806:2 RK955-2M
Y806:3 RK956-1M
Y806:4 RK960-1M
Y806:5 RK235-1S
Y806:6 RK235-2S
Y806:7 RK236-1S
Y807:0 RK236-2S
Y807:1 RK763-1M
Y807:2 RK765-1M
Y807:3 RK765-2M
Y807:4 RK768-1M
Y807:5 RK768-2M
Y807:6 RK770-1M
Y807:7 RK217-3S
Y808:0 RK217-4S
Y808:1 RK222-1S
Y808:2 RK222-2S
Y808:3 RK226-1S
Y808:4 RK226-2S
Y808:5 RK227-1S
Y808:6 RK231-1S
Y808:7 RK231-2S
Y809:0 RK232-1S
Y809:1 RK232-2S
Y809:2 RK232-3S
Y809:3 RK673-AM
Y809:4 RK675-AM
Y809:5 RK684-AM
Y809:6 RK686-AM
Y809:7 RK687-1M
Y80A:0 RK689-1M
Y80A:1 RK689-2M
Y80A:2 RK696-2M
Y80A:3 RK697-1M
Y80A:4 RK697-2M
Y80A:5 RK697-3M
Y80A:6 RK697-4M
Y80A:7 RK698-1M
Y80B:0 RK698-2M
Y80B:1 RK699-1M
Y80B:2 RK699-2M
Y80B:3 RK699-3M
Y80B:4 RK699-4M
Y80B:5 RK701-1M
Y80B:6 RK701-2S
Y80B:7 RK705-1M
Y80C:0 RK708-1M
Y80C:1 RK708-2M
Y80C:2 RK710-1M
Y80C:3 RK712-1M
Y80C:4 RK714-1M
Y80C:5 RK716-1M
Y80C:6 RK718-1M
Y80C:7 RK718-2M
Y80D:0 RK228-1S
Y80D:1 RK228-2S
Y80D:2 RK228-3S
Y80D:3 RK228-4S
Y80D:4 RK233-1S
Y80D:5 RK233-2S
Y80D:6 RK234-1S
Y80D:7 RK234-2S
Y80E:0 RK234-3S
Y80E:1 RK941-1M
Y80E:2 RK943-1M
Y80E:3 RK944-1M
Y80E:4 RK944-3S
Y80E:5 RK945-1M
Y80E:6 RK946-1M
Y80F:0 S975
Y80F:1 S977
Y80F:2 S978
Y80F:3 S980
Y80F:4 S981
Y80F:5 S982
Y80F:6 S983
Y80F:7 S984
Y810:0 S986
Y810:1 S237
Y810:2 S238
Y810:3 S239
Y810:4 S240
Y810:5 S242
Y810:6 S947
Y810:7 S949
Y811:0 S951
Y811:1 S952
Y811:2 S953
Y811:3 S954
Y811:4 S955
Y811:5 S956
Y811:6 S960
Y811:7 S235
Y812:0 S236
Y812:1 S763
Y812:2 S765
Y812:3 S768
Y812:4 S770
Y812:5 S217
Y812:6 S222
Y812:7 S226
Y813:0 S227
Y813:1 S231
Y813:2 S232
Y813:3 S673
Y813:4 S675
Y813:5 S684
Y813:6 S686
Y813:7 S687
Y814:0 S689
Y814:1 S696
Y814:2 S697
Y814:3 S698
Y814:4 S699
Y814:5 S701
Y814:6 S705
Y814:7 S708
Y815:0 S710
Y815:1 S712
Y815:2 S714
Y815:3 S716
Y815:4 S718
Y815:5 S228
Y815:6 S233
Y815:7 S234
Y816:0 S941
Y816:1 S943
Y816:2 S944
Y816:3 S945
Y816:4 S946
Y817:0 RK210-1S
Y817:1 RK210-2S
Y817:2 RK210-3S
Y817:3 RK211-1S
Y817:4 RK213-1S
Y817:5 RK214-1S
Y817:6 RK214-2S
Y817:7 RK215-1S
Y818:0 RK651-1M
Y818:1 RK653-1M
Y818:2 RK656-1M
Y818:3 RK658-1M
Y818:4 RK658-2M
Y818:5 RK659-1M/3S
Y818:6 RK660-1M
Y818:7 RK661-1M
Y819:0 RK661-2M
Y819:1 RK662-1M
Y819:2 RK664-1M
Y819:3 RK664-2M
Y819:4 RK665-1M
Y819:5 RK665-2M
Y819:6 RK666-1M
Y819:7 RK666-2M
Y81A:0 RK667-1M
Y81A:1 RK668-1M
Y81A:2 RK939-2M
Y81A:3 RK165-1S
Y81A:4 RK167-1S
Y81A:5 RK167-2S
Y81A:6 RK168-1S
Y81A:7 RK169-1S
Y81B:0 RK169-2S
Y81B:1 RK170-1S
Y81B:2 RK171-1S
Y81B:3 RK171-2S
Y81B:4 RK172-1S
Y81B:5 RK172-2S
Y81B:6 RK173-1S
Y81B:7 RK177-1S
Y81C:0 RK177-2S
Y81C:1 RK178-1S
Y81C:2 RK180-1S
Y81C:3 RK180-2S
Y81C:4 RK182-1S
Y81C:5 RK182-2S
Y81C:6 RK182-3S
Y81C:7 RK182-4S
Y81D:0 RK182-5S
Y81D:1 RK182-6S
Y81D:2 RK184-1S
Y81D:3 RK184-2S
Y81D:4 RK184-3S
Y81D:5 RK184-4S
Y81D:6 RK184-5S
Y81D:7 RK184-6S
Y81E:0 RK587-1M
Y81E:1 RK589-1M
Y81E:2 RK595-1M
Y81E:3 RK595-2M
Y81E:4 RK597-1M
Y81E:5 RK597-2M
Y81E:6 RK598-1M
Y81E:7 RK598-3S
Y81F:0 RK600-1M
Y81F:1 RK602-1M
Y81F:2 RK603-1M
Y81F:3 RK603-2M
Y81F:4 RK603-4S
Y81F:5 RK604-1M
Y81F:6 RK605-1M
Y81F:7 RK605-2M
Y820:0 RK605-4S
Y820:1 RK606-1M
Y820:2 RK606-2M
Y820:3 RK607-1M
Y820:4 RK607-2M
Y820:5 RK608-1M
Y820:6 RK608-3S
Y820:7 RK609-1M
Y821:0 RK609-2M
Y821:1 RK609-4S
Y821:2 RK617-1M
Y821:3 RK619-1M
Y821:4 RK620-1M
Y821:5 RK620-2M
Y821:6 RK620-3M
Y821:7 RK620-5S
Y822:0 RK622-1M
Y822:1 RK622-2M
Y822:2 RK622-4S
Y822:3 RK624-1M
Y822:4 RK624-2M
Y822:5 RK627-1M
Y822:6 RK629-1M
Y822:7 RK629-2M
Y823:0 RK630-1M
Y823:1 RK632-1M
Y823:2 R1945-AM
Y823:3 R1945-BM
Y823:4 R1947-AM
Y823:5 R1948-AM
Y823:6 R1948-BM
Y823:7 R1950-AM
Y824:0 R1965-AM
Y824:1 R1967-AM
Y824:2 R1967-BM
Y824:3 R1968-AM
Y824:4 R1969-AM
Y824:5 R1970-AM
Y824:6 R1971-AM
Y824:7 R1972-AM
Y825:0 R1974-AM
Y825:1 R1974-BM
Y825:2 RK935-1M
Y825:3 RK939-1M
Y825:4 RK940-1M
Y825:6 S935
Y825:7 S940
Y826:0 S210
Y826:1 S211
Y826:2 S213
Y826:3 S214
Y826:4 S215
Y826:5 S651
Y826:6 S653
Y826:7 S656
Y827:0 S658
Y827:1 S659
Y827:2 S660
Y827:3 S661
Y827:4 S662
Y827:5 S664
Y827:6 S665
Y827:7 S666
Y828:0 S667
Y828:1 S668
Y828:2 S939
Y828:3 S165
Y828:4 S167
Y828:5 S168
Y828:6 S169
Y828:7 S170
Y829:0 S171
Y829:1 S172
Y829:2 S173
Y829:3 S177
Y829:4 S178
Y829:5 S180
Y829:6 S182
Y829:7 S184
Y82A:0 S587
Y82A:1 S589
Y82A:2 S595
Y82A:3 S597
Y82A:4 S598
Y82A:5 S600
Y82A:6 S602
Y82A:7 S603
Y82B:0 S604
Y82B:1 S605
Y82B:2 S606
Y82B:3 S607
Y82B:4 S608
Y82B:5 S609
Y82B:6 S617
Y82B:7 S619
Y82C:0 S620
Y82C:1 S622
Y82C:2 S624
Y82C:3 S627
Y82C:4 S629
Y82C:5 S630
Y82C:6 S632
Y82C:7 S1945
Y82D:0 S1947
Y82D:1 S1948
Y82D:2 S1950
Y82D:3 S1951
Y82D:4 S1952
Y82D:5 S1955
Y82D:6 S1956
Y82D:7 S1959
Y82E:0 S1960
Y82E:1 S1963
Y82E:2 S1964
Y82E:3 S1965
Y82E:4 S1967
Y82E:5 S1968
Y82E:6 S1969
Y82E:7 S1970
Y82F:0 S1971
Y82F:1 S1972
Y82F:2 S1974
Y82F:3 S1949
Y82F:4 S1953
Y82F:5 S1957
Y82F:6 S1961
Y830:0 RK558-1M
Y830:1 RK560-1M
Y830:2 RK560-2M
Y830:3 RK561-1M
Y830:4 RK563-1M
Y830:5 RK580-1M
Y830:6 RK582-1M
Y830:7 RK583-1M
Y831:0 RK583-2M
Y831:1 RK585-1M
Y831:2 RK586-1M
Y831:3 RK586-2M
Y831:4 RK588-1M
Y831:5 RK133-1S
Y831:6 RK133-2S
Y831:7 RK133-3S
Y832:0 RK134-1S
Y832:1 RK134-2S
Y832:2 RK505-1M
Y832:3 RK506-1M
Y832:4 RK506-2M
Y832:5 RK507-1M
Y832:6 RK507-2M
Y832:7 RK508-1M
Y833:0 RK508-2M
Y833:1 RK509-1M
Y833:2 RK509-2M
Y833:3 RK510-1M
Y833:4 RK511-1M
Y833:5 RK512-1M
Y833:6 RK141-1S
Y833:7 RK141-2S
Y834:0 RK142-1S
Y834:1 RK142-2S
Y834:2 RK144-1S
Y834:3 RK144-2S
Y834:4 RK146-1S
Y834:5 RK148-1S
Y834:6 RK148-2S
Y834:7 RK529-1M
Y835:0 RK531-1M
Y835:1 RK531-2M
Y835:2 RK534-1M
Y835:3 RK534-2M
Y835:4 RK536-1M
Y835:5 RK536-2M
Y835:6 RK537-1M
Y835:7 RK537-2M
Y836:0 RK538-1M
Y836:1 RK539-1M
Y836:2 RK540-1M
Y836:3 RK201-2S
Y836:4 RK201-3S
Y836:5 RK201-4S
Y836:6 RK202-1S
Y836:7 RK851-1M
Y837:0 RK856-1M
Y837:1 RK865-2M
Y837:2 RK865-3S
Y837:3 RK865-4M/4C
Y837:4 RK870-1M
Y837:5 RK872-1M
Y837:6 RK874-1M
Y837:7 RK879-1M
Y838:0 RK882-1M
Y838:1 RWL1925-AM
Y838:2 RWL1925-AC
Y838:3 RWL1925-BM
Y838:4 RWL1925-BC
Y838:5 RWL1925-CM
Y838:6 RWL1927-AM
Y838:7 RWL1927-AC
Y839:0 RWL1927-BM
Y839:1 RWL1927-BC
Y839:2 RWL1927-CM
Y839:3 RWL1938-AS
Y839:4 RWL1938-BS
Y839:5 RWL1938-CS
Y839:6 RWL1938-DS
Y839:7 RWL1938-EM
Y83A:0 RWL1940-AS
Y83A:1 RWL1940-BS
Y83A:2 RWL1940-CS
Y83A:3 RWL1940-DS
Y83A:4 RWL1940-EM
Y83A:5 RWL1941-AM
Y83A:6 RWL1942-AS
Y83A:7 RWL1942-BS
Y83B:0 RWL1942-CS
Y83B:1 RWL1942-DS
Y83B:2 RWL1942-EM
Y83B:3 RWL1942-FS
Y83B:4 RWL1943-AM
Y83B:5 RWL1929-AS
Y83B:6 RWL1929-BS
Y83B:7 RWL1929-CS
Y83C:0 RWL1931-AS
Y83C:1 RWL1931-BS
Y83C:2 RWL1931-CS
Y83C:3 RWL1933-AS
Y83C:4 RWL1933-BS
Y83C:5 RWL1933-CS
Y83C:6 RWL1935-AS
Y83C:7 RWL1935-BS
Y83D:0 RWL1935-CS
Y83D:1 RWL1939-AS
Y83D:2 RWL1944-AM
Y83D:3 RWL1946-AM
Y83E:0 S558
Y83E:1 S560
Y83E:2 S561
Y83E:3 S563
Y83E:4 S580
Y83E:5 S582
Y83E:6 S583
Y83E:7 S585
Y83F:0 S586
Y83F:1 S588
Y83F:2 S133
Y83F:3 S134
Y83F:4 S505
Y83F:5 S506
Y83F:6 S507
Y83F:7 S508
Y840:0 S509
Y840:1 S510
Y840:2 S511
Y840:3 S512
Y840:4 S141
Y840:5 S142
Y840:6 S144
Y840:7 S146
Y841:0 S148
Y841:1 S529
Y841:2 S531
Y841:3 S534
Y841:4 S536
Y841:5 S537
Y841:6 S538
Y841:7 S539
Y842:0 S540
Y842:1 S201
Y842:2 S202
Y842:3 S851
Y842:4 S856
Y842:5 S865
Y842:6 S870
Y842:7 S872
Y843:0 S874
Y843:1 S879
Y843:2 S882
Y843:3 S1923
Y843:4 S1925
Y843:5 S1927
Y843:6 S1932
Y843:7 S1934
Y844:0 S1938
Y844:1 S1940
Y844:2 S1941
Y844:3 S1942
Y844:4 S1943
Y844:5 S1929
Y844:6 S1931
Y844:7 S1933
Y845:0 S1935
Y845:1 S1939
Y845:2 S192
Y845:3 S193
Y845:4 S194
Y845:5 S451
Y845:6 S452
Y845:7 S453
Y846:0 S1944
Y846:1 S454
Y846:2 S455
Y846:3 S456
Y846:4 S457
Y846:5 S458
Y846:6 S463
Y846:7 S465
Y847:0 S1946
Y847:1 S467
Y847:2 S472
Y847:3 S474
Y847:4 S476
Y847:5 S831
Y847:6 S832
Y847:7 S833
Y848:0 S195
Y848:1 S834
Y848:2 S107
Y848:3 S109
Y848:4 S111
Y848:5 S492
Y848:6 S494
Y849:0 RK107-1S
Y849:1 RK109-1S
Y849:2 RK111-1S
Y849:3 RK192-1S
Y849:4 RK192-2S
Y849:5 RK193-1S/1SP
Y849:6 RK193-2S
Y849:7 RK194-1S
Y84A:0 RK194-2S
Y84A:1 RK195-1S/1SP
Y84A:2 RK451-1M
Y84A:3 RK451-2M
Y84A:4 RK452-1M
Y84A:5 RK453-1M
Y84A:6 RK453-2M
Y84A:7 RK454-1M
Y84B:0 RK454-2M
Y84B:1 RK454-3M
Y84B:2 RK454-4M
Y84B:3 RK454-5S
Y84B:4 RK455-1M
Y84B:5 RK455-2M
Y84B:6 RK455-3M
Y84B:7 RK456-1M
Y84C:0 RK456-2M
Y84C:1 RK456-4S/4SP
Y84C:2 RK457-1M
Y84C:3 RK457-2M
Y84C:4 RK457-3M
Y84C:5 RK458-1M
Y84C:6 RK458-2M
Y84C:7 RK458-3M
Y84D:0 RK458-4S
Y84D:1 RK463-1M
Y84D:2 RK465-1M
Y84D:3 RK465-2M
Y84D:4 RK467-1M
Y84D:5 RK472-1M
Y84D:6 RK474-1M
Y84D:7 RK474-2M
Y84E:0 RK476-1M
Y84E:1 RK476-2M
Y84E:2 RK492-1M
Y84E:3 RK492-2M
Y84E:4 RK494-1M
Y84E:5 RK831-1M
Y84E:6 RK832-1M
Y84E:7 RK832-3S
Y84F:0 RK833-1M
Y84F:1 RK833-3S/3SP
Y84F:2 RK834-1M

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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