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Y9 - YKROC Kings Cross South WestCAD

S-Class Mappings

Below are the S-class definitions for the Y9 TD. Last updated February 2023.

Address Identity
Y900:0 DUMMY0-0
Y900:1 RK81-3S/3SP
Y900:2 RK81-4S/4SP
Y900:3 RK81-5S
Y900:4 RK83-1S
Y900:5 RK84-1S
Y900:6 RK84-2S
Y900:7 RK85-1S
Y901:1 RK85-6S/6SP-1
Y901:2 RK85-6S/6SP-2
Y901:3 RK85-8S/8SP-1
Y901:4 RK85-8S/8SP-2
Y901:5 RK86-1S
Y901:6 RK88-1S
Y901:7 RK93-1S
Y902:0 RK93-2S
Y902:1 RK94-1S
Y902:2 RK97-1S
Y902:3 RK97-2S
Y902:4 RK99-1S
Y902:5 RK99-2S
Y902:6 RK403-1M
Y902:7 RK411-1M
Y903:0 RK411-3S
Y903:1 RK412-1M
Y903:2 RK413-1M
Y903:3 RK413-3S
Y903:4 RK414-1M
Y903:5 RK415-1M
Y903:6 RK420-1M
Y903:7 RK421-1M
Y904:1 RK421-5S/5SP
Y904:2 RK421-6S/6SP
Y904:3 RK422-1M
Y904:4 RK422-2M
Y904:5 RK422-4S/4SP
Y904:6 RK426-1M
Y904:7 RK426-2M
Y905:0 RK426-3M
Y905:1 RK426-5S/5SP
Y905:2 RK428-1M
Y905:3 RK428-2M
Y905:4 RK428-3M
Y905:5 RK428-5S/5SP
Y905:6 RK430-1M
Y905:7 RK430-2M
Y906:0 RK430-3M
Y906:1 RK430-5S/5SP
Y906:2 RK431-1M
Y906:3 RK431-3S/3SP
Y906:4 RK431-4S/4SP
Y906:5 RK433-1M
Y906:6 RK433-2M
Y906:7 RK433-4S/4SP
Y907:0 RK433-5S/5SP
Y907:1 RK434-1M
Y907:3 RK435-1M
Y907:4 RK435-3S/3SP
Y907:5 RK435-4S/4SP
Y907:6 RK436-1M
Y908:0 RK438-1M
Y908:1 RK440-1M
Y908:2 RK440-2M
Y908:4 RK440-5S
Y908:5 RK443-1M
Y908:6 RK444-1M
Y908:7 RK444-2M
Y909:0 RK445-1M
Y909:1 RK446-1M
Y909:2 RK446-2M
Y909:3 RK447-1M
Y909:4 RK448-1M
Y909:5 RK448-2M
Y909:6 RYA3102-AS
Y909:7 RYA3102-BS
Y90A:0 RYA4104-AC
Y90A:1 RYA4104-AM
Y90A:2 RYA3101-AM
Y90A:3 RYA4101-AM
Y90A:4 RK60-1S
Y90A:5 RK60-2S
Y90A:6 RK68-1S
Y90A:7 RK68-2S
Y90B:0 RK384-1M
Y90B:1 RK384-2M
Y90B:2 RK384-3M
Y90B:3 RK386-1M
Y90B:4 RK386-2M
Y90B:5 RK386-3M
Y90B:6 RK391-1M
Y90B:7 RK391-2M
Y90C:0 RK392-1M
Y90C:1 RK392-2M
Y90C:2 RK393-1M
Y90C:3 RK393-2M
Y90C:4 RK394-1M
Y90C:5 RK394-2M
Y90C:6 RK395-1M
Y90C:7 RK395-2M
Y90D:0 RK395-3M
Y90D:1 RK396-1M
Y90D:2 RK397-1M
Y90D:3 RK399-1M
Y90D:4 RYA4187-AS
Y90D:5 RYA4187-BS
Y90D:6 RYA3190-AS
Y90D:7 RYA3190-BS
Y90E:0 RK53-1S
Y90E:1 RK53-2S
Y90E:2 RK327-1M
Y90E:3 RYA3186-AM
Y90E:4 RYA3185-AM
Y90E:5 RYA4188-AM
Y90E:6 RYA3189-AM
Y90E:7 RYA4190-AM
Y90F:0 RYA4189-AM
Y90F:1 RK372-1M
Y90F:2 RK375-1M
Y90F:3 RK376-1M
Y90F:4 RK377-1M
Y90F:5 RK377-2M
Y90F:6 RK378-1M
Y90F:7 RK379-1M
Y910:0 RK379-2M
Y910:1 RK380-1M
Y910:2 RK381-1M
Y910:3 RK381-2M
Y910:4 RK383-1M
Y910:5 RK383-2M
Y910:6 RYA4104-BC
Y910:7 RYA4104-BM
Y911:0 RK385-1M
Y912:0 RK387-1M
Y912:1 S3183
Y912:2 S4106
Y912:3 S4108
Y912:4 S4142
Y912:5 S4144
Y912:6 S4182
Y912:7 S4184
Y913:0 S81
Y913:1 S83
Y913:2 S84
Y913:3 S85
Y913:4 S93
Y913:5 S94
Y913:6 S97
Y913:7 S99
Y914:0 S403
Y914:1 S411
Y914:2 S412
Y914:3 S413
Y914:4 S414
Y914:5 S415
Y914:6 S420
Y914:7 S421
Y915:0 S422
Y915:1 S426
Y915:2 S428
Y915:3 S430
Y915:4 S431
Y915:5 S433
Y915:6 S434
Y915:7 S435
Y916:0 S436
Y916:1 S438
Y916:2 S440
Y916:3 S443
Y916:4 S444
Y916:5 S445
Y916:6 S446
Y916:7 S447
Y917:0 S448
Y917:1 S3102
Y917:2 S3101
Y917:3 S4104
Y917:4 S4101
Y917:5 S60
Y917:6 S68
Y917:7 S384
Y918:0 S386
Y918:1 S391
Y918:2 S392
Y918:3 S393
Y918:4 S394
Y918:5 S395
Y918:6 S396
Y918:7 S397
Y919:0 S399
Y919:1 S4187
Y919:2 S3190
Y919:3 S53
Y919:4 S327
Y919:5 S3186
Y919:6 S3185
Y919:7 S4188
Y91A:0 S3189
Y91A:1 S4190
Y91A:2 S4189
Y91A:3 S372
Y91A:4 S375
Y91A:5 S376
Y91A:6 S377
Y91A:7 S378
Y91B:0 S379
Y91B:1 S380
Y91B:2 S381
Y91B:3 S383
Y91B:4 S385
Y91B:5 S3191
Y91B:6 S4224
Y91C:0 S387
Y91C:1 S3105
Y91C:2 S3107
Y91C:3 S3141
Y91C:4 S3143
Y91C:5 S3181
Y91C:6 L3101(TRTS)
Y91C:7 L4101(TRTS)
Y91D:0 RK259-1M
Y91D:1 RK311-1M
Y91D:2 RK315-1M
Y91D:3 RK321-1M
Y91D:4 RK321-2M
Y91D:5 RK321-3M
Y91D:6 RK322-1M
Y91D:7 RK322-2M
Y91E:0 RK326-1M
Y91E:1 RK330-1M
Y91E:2 RK330-2M
Y91E:3 RYA1073-AM
Y91E:4 RYA2068-AM
Y91E:5 RYA2068-BM
Y91E:6 RYA2070-AM
Y91E:7 RYA2070-BM
Y91F:0 RYA2070-CM-1
Y91F:1 RYA2070-CM-2
Y91F:2 RYA2070-DM
Y91F:3 RYA2070-EM
Y91F:4 RYA2070-FM
Y91F:5 RYA2082-AM
Y91F:6 RYA2082-BM
Y91F:7 RYA3041-AM
Y920:0 RYA3045-AM
Y920:1 RYA3095-AM-1
Y920:2 RYA3095-AM-2
Y920:3 RYA3097-AM
Y920:4 RK317-1M
Y920:5 RK317-2M
Y920:6 RK320-1M
Y920:7 RK320-2M
Y921:0 RK323-1M
Y921:1 RK328-1M
Y921:2 RYA1075-AM
Y921:3 RYA2064-AM-1
Y921:4 RYA2064-AM-2
Y921:5 RYA2064-BM
Y921:6 RYA2064-CM
Y921:7 RYA2064-DM
Y922:0 RYA2066-AM
Y922:1 RYA2066-BM
Y922:2 RYA2066-CM
Y922:3 RYA2066-DM-1
Y922:4 RYA2066-DM-2
Y922:5 RYA2066-EM
Y922:6 RYA2080-AM
Y922:7 RYA2080-BM
Y923:0 RYA1007-AM
Y923:1 RYA1007-BM
Y923:2 RYA1008-AM
Y923:3 RYA1008-BM
Y923:4 RYA1009-AM
Y923:5 RYA1010-AM
Y923:6 RYA1015-AM
Y923:7 RYA1015-BM
Y924:0 RYA1017-AM
Y924:1 RYA1033-AM
Y924:2 RYA1035-AM
Y924:3 RYA1035-BM
Y924:4 RYA2046-AC
Y924:5 RYA2046-AM
Y924:6 RYA2046-BC-1
Y924:7 RYA2046-BC-2
Y925:0 RYA2046-BM-1
Y925:1 RYA2046-BM-2
Y925:2 RYA2046-CC
Y925:3 RYA2046-CM
Y925:4 RYA2046-DC
Y925:5 RYA2046-DM
Y925:6 RYA2048-AC
Y925:7 RYA2048-AM
Y926:0 RYA2048-BC
Y926:1 RYA2048-BM
Y926:2 RYA2048-CC
Y926:3 RYA2048-CM
Y926:4 RYA1000-AM
Y926:5 RYA1001-AM
Y926:6 RYA1001-BM
Y926:7 RYA1002-AM
Y927:0 RYA1002-BM
Y927:1 RYA1027-AM
Y927:2 RYA1029-AM
Y927:3 RYA1045-AM
Y927:4 RYA1047-AM
Y927:5 RYA2034-AC
Y927:6 RYA2034-AM
Y927:7 RYA2034-BC
Y928:0 RYA2034-BM
Y928:1 RYA2036-AC
Y928:2 RYA2036-AM
Y928:3 RYA2036-BC
Y928:4 RYA2036-BM
Y928:5 RYA1003-AM
Y928:6 RYA1004-AM
Y928:7 RYA1005-AM
Y929:0 RYA1005-BM
Y929:1 RYA1006-AM
Y929:2 RYA1021-AM
Y929:3 RYA1023-AM
Y929:4 RYA1023-BM
Y929:5 RYA1039-AM-1
Y929:6 RYA1039-AM-2
Y929:7 RYA1041-AM
Y92A:0 RYA2040-AC
Y92A:1 RYA2040-AM
Y92A:2 RYA2040-BC
Y92A:3 RYA2040-BM
Y92A:4 RYA2040-CC
Y92A:5 RYA2040-CM
Y92A:6 RYA2040-DC
Y92A:7 RYA2040-DM
Y92B:0 RYA2042-AC
Y92B:1 RYA2042-AM
Y92B:2 RYA2042-BC
Y92B:3 RYA2042-BM
Y92B:4 RYA2042-CC
Y92B:5 RYA2042-CM
Y92B:6 RYA2042-DC-1
Y92B:7 RYA2042-DC-2
Y92C:0 RYA2042-DM-1
Y92C:1 RYA2042-DM-2
Y92C:2 RYA2042-EC
Y92C:3 RYA2042-EM
Y92D:0 RYA2042-FC
Y92E:0 RYA2042-FM
Y92F:0 S259
Y92F:1 S311
Y92F:2 S315
Y92F:3 S321
Y92F:4 S322
Y92F:5 S326
Y92F:6 S330
Y92F:7 S1073
Y930:0 S2068
Y930:1 S2070
Y930:2 S2082
Y930:3 S3041
Y930:4 S3045
Y930:5 S3095
Y930:6 S3097
Y930:7 S313
Y931:0 S317
Y931:1 S320
Y931:2 S323
Y931:3 S328
Y931:4 S1075
Y931:5 S2064
Y931:6 S2066
Y931:7 S2080
Y932:0 S1007
Y932:1 S1008
Y932:2 S1009
Y932:3 S1010
Y932:4 S1015
Y932:5 S1017
Y932:6 S1033
Y932:7 S1035
Y933:0 S2046
Y933:1 S2048
Y933:2 S1000
Y933:3 S1001
Y933:4 S1002
Y933:5 S1027
Y933:6 S1029
Y933:7 S1045
Y934:0 S1047
Y934:1 S2034
Y934:2 S2036
Y934:3 S1003
Y934:4 S1004
Y934:5 S1005
Y934:6 S1006
Y934:7 S1021
Y935:0 S1023
Y935:1 S1039
Y935:2 S1041
Y935:3 S2040
Y935:4 S2042
Y935:7 L1000TRS
Y936:0 L1001TRS
Y936:1 L1002TRS
Y936:2 L1003TRS
Y936:3 L1004TRS
Y936:4 L1005TRS
Y936:5 L1006TRS
Y936:6 L1007TRS
Y936:7 L1008TRS
Y937:0 L1009TRS
Y937:1 L1010TRS

Note - This list uses standard SOP-style numbering, i.e. bit 0 for the LSB to bit 7 for the MSB of each byte.

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