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Darwin CIS Codes and names

Please note that for the most up to date data you should log in to the Darwin FTP server and fetch the file yyyymmddnnnnnn_ref_v3.xml.gz it contains reference data which is updated periodically and should always be 'current' and you should try and ensure your systems and apps are updated periodically to ensure a consistent information distribution. The information on this page was updated from the ref file generated on 26/02/16.

CIS Code Name
AM01 Southern Metropolitan
AM02 Southern Suburban
AM03 Birmingham New Street
AM04 South West Trains
AM05 Great Western Railway
AM06 First Capital Connect
AMO1 Southern Metropolitan (Legacy)
AMO2 Southern Suburban (Legacy)
AMO4 South West Trains (Legacy)
LIO1 York (Legacy)
LIO4 Leeds (Legacy)
LI01 York
LI02 Euston
LI03 Glasgow
LI04 Leeds
LI05 Kings Cross
at01 Arriva
at02 Birmingham
at03 c2c
at04 ScotRail Dunfermline
at05 ScotRail Paisley
at06 East Coast
at07 East Midlands
at08 Euston
at09 Govia Thameslink Railway
at10 Great Western Railway
at11 Glasgow
at12 Greater Anglia
at13 Kings Cross
at14 London Bridge
at15 Leeds
at16 London Midland
at17 Manchester
at18 Merseyrail
at19 Northern Rail
at20 Paddington
at21 Southeastern
at22 Arriva (Backup)
at23 Birmingham (Backup)
at24 East Coast (Backup)
at25 Great Western Railway (Backup)
at26 Kings Cross (Backup)
at27 Leeds (Backup)
at28 Merseyrail (Backup)
at29 Northern Rail (Backup)
at30 Southeastern (Backup)
at34 CrossRail
at35 CrossRail (Backup)
at36 LOROL
at37 LOROL (Backup)
at38 Chiltern
kt01 Chiltern
kt02 Northern Rail
kt03 Northern Rail
si01 St Pancras
si02 TPE

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